A3 - Mid Review Report

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My skiing has been disjointed for the last few weeks. The A3 review was not really going well because I was not getting many good rides in a row and I was frankly lost on the settings. This was mostly a result of my schizophrenic ski life. I was starting to doubt the ski. I had some big practice scores but I was not happy with the feel.

Last Monday I made another tweak that was pretty good and then today thanks to @ripa38 I made one more change and POW! I get it now.

Holy Crap I am sorry I ever doubted this ski.

The lessons are simple and there are two of them.
1) Skis with continuous rocker may be more sensitive to fin and binding adjustments.
2) Don’t do everything with the fin. The ski went from wacky to awesome with a 3/16th move of the bindings.

I am tempted to tweak more but I do not think I have ever run 3 38s in a single day before. 6 tries and 3 full passes in a day is pretty good for me.

Now that I have the settings I need ride it enough to really understand it to write the review… that is still a bunch of rides.

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