Goode Skis & The Off Side

I'm curious as to how much help the design of the Goode ski's with their left vs right design actually gives you? As a lefty with a bit of an inconsistent 2 / 4 I would be interested in hearing what the Goode skiers have to say on it? Why is Goode the only one to offer the option? Curiosity is going to get the better of me and I will of course take a ride on one sooner or later...
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  • BoneHeadBoneHead Posts: 5,999
    I'm LFF. I skied on a LFF 9960 midride and a non assymetric Fire Mid. I couldn't tell the difference so I bought the non assymetric Fire.
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  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,749 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I am a lefty. Unfortunately my off side "oddities" seem to follow me from ski to ski. If I stay on the line and keep the shoulders level, most skis work. If not, they don't.

    Unless it's a twist, I don't think the R vs L deal makes much difference. This is just opinion though as I have not ridden RFF skis. I am sure others will chime in.
  • ozskiozski Posts: 1,632
    I'm almost buying this ...
    The Nano OneXT™ introduces the industry's first AsymRocker™, an asymmetrical rocker technology. Using a propriety production method, we created a longer rocker on the offside, and a shorter rocker on the onside, completely eliminating any differences between the two turns. No matter which side of the course you are on, the ski’s all-important “kick point” has the right amount of rocker in it, leading to better, smoother and more consistent turns that build angle and add buoys.
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  • jcampjcamp Posts: 746 Mega Baller
    The difference with skis prior to the XT were real, but incremental. Now that the rocker is asymetrical, it will make a big difference.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,036 Mega Baller
    MY LFF friend liked my RFF 9900 that I outgrew and ran [email protected] on it last year. Better than his 9700.
  • BoneHeadBoneHead Posts: 5,999
    Way I see it, the nano twist had assymetric rocker, too. And I know people who prefer the opposite twist from their dominant foot.
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  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,422 Mega Baller
    I just bought a 9960 SL (LFF) and I think it does make my offside turn much better, almost easy. But, it also made my onside turn much better. So, I am not sure the offside improvement is due to the asymmetrical design or the overall improvement in turning that the ski provides to both sides compared to my old 9500. I know this: I cranked an onside 5 ball turn last night that I never would have completed on my old ski.
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