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Binding Inserts

miskimiski Posts: 52 Baller
edited February 2009 in Skis Fins Bindings
About half of the binding inserts in my 06 Sixam are sticking out of the top of the ski... the worst by ~.070-.080". Is this anything to be concerned over or that I can repair??  Seems like the binding plate would tighten down against these instead of the ski top. Probably could buzz them down flush w/ a 90 grinder...
 Any thoughts appreciated.


  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,926 Administrator
    if they are secure I would leave them alone. I would not grind in that ski if possible. 
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  • SMSM Posts: 529 Crazy Baller
    edited February 2009
    I've had this happen as well. I screwed them back into the ski when it happened to me. Before doing so, I put some epoxy on the exposed threads. To screw the inserts back in, I took a screw, put two nuts on it, locked them together, and then threaded it into the insert. When the nuts came tight against the insert, I gently screwed the insert back into the ski, then loosened the nuts from each other and backed the screw back out.

    Hope this helps
    Time spent on the water is time well spent.
  • skibugskibug Posts: 2,050
    Ditto on the epoxy method.  Also, if the insert hole in the ski is stripped out, you can pull out the insert, fill the hole back up with JB Weld or a two part epoxy and redrill a pilot hole and screw the insert back in.  Either way, new hole or old, I would use some type of locking method on the insert threads.  Loctite makes thread lock that is permanent, I forget the ## or color but you can find it on their website. 
    Bob Grizzi
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