How news gets to the BallOfSpray front page

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Almost all content on the BallOfSpray front page is not written by BallOfSpray (John Horton). BallOfSpray is dependent on water ski companies, PR agencies, athletes and event organizers to submit the news and articles.

To submit an article to BallOfSpray please email text and images to [email protected] Please allow a few days for your content to be reviewed and published. If you have time sensitive content please notify me a few days in advance. Articles in PDF format will not be accepted. Plain text or MS Word text with separate images is the preferred method of submission.

When I attend events almost all the content I create is photographic. I do not write reports about the events themselves. Sometimes I will write about the hospitality or the site but my primary role is not as sports reporter.

The only written content I consistently create is product reviews. I attempt to review skis, bindings and other gear as objectively as possible. With a few exceptions I do not literally recommend products. With a few exceptions the products sent in for review are not sold after the review. Many of the products reviewed are from companies that do not advertise with BallOfSpray and many of the current advertisers have not submitted products for review. Advertising and editorial are kept separate.

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