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Question about Connelly V over the years vs Radar Senate

andjulesandjules Posts: 834 Mega Baller
edited November 2013 in Skis Fins Bindings
My brother is just getting back into course skiing after 30 years (& an extra 30lbs) of occasional open water skiing. In his teens he ran a few balls -22/36mph. In his late 40s return to course skiing (200-205lbs), he's struggling with consistency at -15/32mph.
I got him a 69" 2010 Radar Senate (non-C) in early 2011. He likes it some ways, but complains that it feels like a log (extremely slow).

I got looking on ski-it-again/closeout sites (he's looking to keep costs below $400) and got curious about the Connelly V, especially after reading @Horton's review of the 2011 V (

  1. it looks like in 2011 product descriptions, it's "fiberglass wrap (carbon reinforced)". In 2012 and later descriptions, I don't see anything about carbon, and it would appear that they introduced the (much more expensive) Carbon V. Am I right in my suspicions that the 2012-and-later V will be slower (no carbon), has stiffness/materials stayed the same? Does anyone know if the 2011 "regular V" outperforms the 2012?
  2. Has anyone skied both the (regular) V and Radar Senate and care to share their observations?
  3. Lastly, in the Connelly V size chart, 200lbs is on the line between 67" and 69". Given how fat the ski is, anyone care to comment on which way to go at 203lbs, running anywhere between 30-34mph?


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