Saw skiing on A&E this morning on TV...sorta

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Ok, it's long but jump to 22:00. So my questions are: Does anyone use these? Do they help? Do I smell a potential advertiser for BOS (the owner of TC is a skier)???
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    I saw another bike rider recently with a TC knee sleeve on. He swore by it.

    On a side note, after the TC video ends, there's an excellent video on soldering copper in the youtube screen. Very informative.
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    I have seen the TC infomercials before where TC himself was talking about the reason he created the product was to help him (a avid skier) get back on the water.
    Also, having spent some time with KSO, he is a genuine hellva guy! Also, watching him ski in person was insane!
    I'm seriously considering getting one for my knee.

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    My wife skied with Karen during women's week at WBC. Karen helped co-write KSO's book Gliding Soles and I know KSO is very involved with Tommy Copper. I would be surprised if TC would not consider sponsoring BOS. Let's face it, we are the demographic he is marketing... Aging athletes, has beens, wannabees, and never was who want to keep skiing despite nagging issues. My wife did not see much of a benefit from the sleeve for her knee when running, but the other women at women's week gave good reviews.

    Also, if anyone has a wife, GF that foots, send them to Women's week at WBC. My wife had the time of her life...hopefully because she footed to exhaustion and not because she had 4 days without me
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