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I have a vibo vertical lift with full length bunks. The problem i have is my bunks do not twist at all to fit the hull of my boat (96 sport nautique). They hold the back of boat great as the hull is flat but on the front as you can see in the picture the inside of the bunks only touch about 5 inches of the hull. Should I be concerned about this also I have made carpeted bunks out of 2x6 that are each 18 inches long I could change too. This way each bunk would fit the hull better. Thoughts.


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    I would widen them out front and back to about 3-4 inches inside of chines so they sit in a flatter area of the hull. You are too narrow. Also loosen the bolts so bunks can pivot. Eventually bunks will warp to fit hull.
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    What @thager said - but, be careful when you widen the space between the bunks to be sure as the boat rides lower on the bunks that the boat's v-hull, the skegs, prop and shaft will not make contact with the cross beam. Allow about an inch or two of clearance.
    When you loosen the bolts that allow the bunks to pivot, just loosen them enough so you can barely make them pivot. Then drive the boat on the lift and crank it out of the water to put some weight on the bunks. This should force them to pivot and conform to the boat hull shape. Lower the lift, move the boat off the lift (don't work underneath it), and tighten the pivot bolts to hold the position forced by the boat hull. Do this before you spread the bunks wider apart. This way you can get a better idea how far your can spread them before the v-hull and your running gear are getting too close to the cross beam.
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    Measure your factory trailer bunks.
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    It is a Vibo lift. I tried to loosen the bunks so they conform to the hull, but they do not twist at all. I talked to Vibo and they said the bunks I have will not twist as they are too strong. This is why i'm considering going to individual carpeted bunks on each leg.
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    @bobbulfer Sorry, need to read more thoroughly. I thought the bunks were carpeted 2x6. Would definitely do the carpeted 2x6 widened out some.
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    this is my best advice on bunks:

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    Narrow bunks can also cause an obstruction that you can hit with your prop if you are a little off on the load, or power off in reverse too hard.
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    Use the bunks on the trailer as a guide. You want to set up the lift bunks as close as you can to the trailer configuration. You want the weight of the boat to be on the stringers. The bunks in the photo need to be moved further apart. I would guess a foot and a half to 2 feet. As a precaution, wrap the lift platform cross bar in between the bunks with carpeting.
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    They will twist some. When I did mine, I loosened the four bolts when the boat was off and gently raised the boat while they were still loose. It may not be much but even 5-10 degrees will help. I would widen the front bunks as well but be careful if you widen the back supports. You need the fins to clear the horizontal bar on the lift. Don't worry about the prop as you shouldn't be pulling the boat that far forward on the lift anyway.

    If you're still worried, you could try cutting some 2x6's at an angle to wedge between the lift and the hull.
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