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Regionals in Colorado

Water is 74 degrees and the ramp is getting the fast wax. we are looking forward to seeing all of you Western Region Skiers in top form for the 2013 USA WESTERN Regional tournaments.
Come to Beautiful Colorado check out the peoples republic of Boulder, Denver Nite Life, Estes Park and most off all ski your best at LAKU Landing Site of the 2013 Western Regional Three Event Water Ski Tournament.

Town of Windsor is spraying mosquito and the population seems to be down from the late winter snow fall.

Great Camping on the river with fishing not to mention the 15lbs Lunker Wiper population in Laku Lake 1. catch and release only please.

Anyway you are all invited to rock the house at Laku........ It is time to invite you all back to the base of the high country

I am looking for Announcers. If you are interested in helping out I can offer perks in return. Please contact Norm Wenzel at [email protected] or call me at 303-725-0556.

Kind regards,

Norm Wenzel


  • normanwenzelnormanwenzel Posts: 35 Baller
    Ok Laku is pumping up the volume.... Looking Tom Mecham if you see Tom please tell him to call Norm!!
    PS ramp is in the water and slick as it get kids so come on over
  • KlundellKlundell Posts: 432 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I'll be there. My wife and I have a day off between when we ski. Any tips on what we should do outside of watching skiing? We will have a 16 month old along with us.
  • skier2788skier2788 Posts: 735 Crazy Baller
    @Klundell my lake is ten minutes from Laku if you wanna put some sets in let me know. Fort Collins offers some good shopping or a quick trip to Denver and go to Tommy slalom shop. As for fun for a 16 month old.... cant help you there.
    Travis Torley
  • normanwenzelnormanwenzel Posts: 35 Baller
    Rockey Mountain National Park
  • h2oskih2oski Posts: 176 Baller
    Cheyenne Frontier Days is about a hour north of Laku at Cheyenne, Wy.
    Terry Bandel AWSA Regular Judge & Driver
  • KlundellKlundell Posts: 432 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    @skier2788 Thanks for the offer I might take you up on that.
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