Skiing in Arizona

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I have a friend getting relocated by his employer from Seattle, WA to Prescott, AZ. They are avid water skiers and have lived a block away from their ski source. Does anyone know of any place north of Phoenix, closer to Prescott, where one would be able to ski??  Even a place to free ski is better then no skiing.


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    Start with Lake Pleasant, a public park and lake.  It is NW of Phoenix, just north of Sun City, west of I-17.  The ski lakes I know of are SE of town (San Tan Lake and one in Gilbert).  There is also a lake near Gila Bend, way west and south.  One thing is for sure, he can leave the dry suit behind, forget the rain goggles and expect 360 days of sunshine.
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    Sorry to hi-jack, but where did they ski in Seattle.   My sister lived in Port Townsend and is looking for some place to ski.

    I have no information on sites in the AZ.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
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    They live near Lake Sammamish and do a lot of free skiing in the early am. They also attend a lot of private lake rentals on ski lakes in eastern Washington. And also ski at Ski Park in Orting. They ski year round as long as there is no ice on the lakes, not to windy, or it's raining to hard. A little rain never hurts any one.
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     probably doesn't know them. Sue and Alan only have been members for about 4 yrs or so. I have been a LSWSC member to. But was after Todd left, so I don't know him either.
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    I heard about Todd this weekend at a lake rental.  I'd love to hook up with him if anyone knows how to connect.  We will be in AZ this week "checking it out".

    We just might have to build a lake near Prescott.  The sunshine sounds good - be we ski year round.  A little rain or snow never hurt anyone (hee hee hee)

  • Sue_PSue_P Posts: 12 Baller
    Thanks.  I'll give it a shot.

     We were in Arizona earlier this week and looked at Lake Pleasant - big open public lake.  It was pretty - but we are addicted to the buoys.......

  • is it just me, or does Sue P sound like the perfect woman?

     Horton - how about adding a category for hitching a ride?  I'd love to get more experience in the course - the question is where?
  • HortonHorton Posts: 26,964 Administrator

    I think there are already too many categorys. Feel free to ask around about local skiers. Where are you?

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