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Go Pro Hero 3

Just curious if anyone has one and if you do, how are you mounting to the ski ? I received one last week as a birthday gift from my girl.
Since I really do not want to lose it to the bottom of the river a back door floaty is going on it , just wondering if I should be purchasing the surf board mount with the stronger adhesive and tether , Thoughts ?


  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,594 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I'd definitely use a tether, but I'd consider running the tether cable to your binding rather than another stick on mount. I use a gopro 2 on my snow racing skis and have managed to knock it off once even with the super 3M adhesive that they use on the mounts.

    For waterskiing I've just been using a chest mount, haven't had the guts to mount it to the ski.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • ScarletArrowScarletArrow Posts: 822 Crazy Baller
    Floaty is essential, surfboard mount is not. I use a regular mount and it adheres fine.

    The bigger issue is vibration from the ski snapping the connector. I had mine snap off and fly through the air.

    It's debatable if you need a tether, if it does snap off w/o a tether and hits you, it's going to hurt.

    But if you have it on a tether it either going to drag through the water and "bounce" (think ski handle) possibly damaging your ski or shin. Not sure the Hero brand tether is strong enough to hold through that anyway.

    If you ski with a spotter, they should be able to see where it goes if it does break loose, then you can retrieve.
    Anthony Warren
  • ski6ski6 Posts: 52 Baller
    I have been using the GoPro Suction Cup mount on my ski. Tethering is essential as the camera even with floaty backdoor doesn't float when attached to the suction cup mount. The suction cup mount is nice as when you are finished you can just take the mount off and don't have any permanent mounts stuck down on your ski.
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  • kmenardkmenard Posts: 158 Baller
    I did the suction cup mount, floaty door, and then cut a pool noodle up and zip tied it to the suction cup mount. Important to do a bathtub or pool test to make sure the whole thing floats. I then tethered it to my boot. When you tighten everything up though, use a screw driver or it will just flop over.
  • JDMJDM Posts: 35 Baller
    Can anyone with the mount to ski setups ad some pictures? Would love to try one of these mounts myself.
  • kmenardkmenard Posts: 158 Baller
    ghetto mount.
  • formula_swimformula_swim Posts: 3 Baller
    I have a gopro 3. I use a regular mount and make sure you use that white rubbery thing that comes with the camera!!! this makes sure that the mount doesnt slip or pop out accidentaly from vibrations
    source: i learned the hard way the first time

    Now i have a flotty and make sure i have the white robbery thing to make sure it doesnt pop out. no problems since

    Also, use the curved mount so I can get the camera tilted further back
  • GregHindGregHind Posts: 366 Crazy Baller
    I put my Hero 2 with floaty back door and genuine GoPro head strap on a friend. He was barefooting, sat down to do a tumble turn and it slipped off. The whole lot sunk in less than the 60 seconds it took to get back to where it fell. The whole river was glass and we spent two hours looking for it. It didn't come apart as the float would have floated up by itself. It just sank. Next time I'll be tethering it to a second float like the ones you find on a boat keyswitch and zip tying that to the head strap.

    The float really should come with a warning that it will only float a naked camera and will sink if any other accessory or strap is connected. The only good thing the float does is slow down how fast it sinks. If you are right there, you do get a little time to see it before it is gone.
  • doonezdoonez Posts: 150 Baller
    @GregHind same thing happened to us except with a chest strap. Skier was floating right next to the boat and took it off and when it started to sink he couldn't get to it because he was wearing a life vest. Luckily the water at the lake was beautifully clear because it had sunk several metres by the time someone in the boat had dived in and it was a deep lake! They swam around for quite a while before they picked up its fading silhouette far below! We had only had it a matter of days so were pleased not to lose it.
  • GregHindGregHind Posts: 366 Crazy Baller
    Oh and @doonez gopro flatly denied they had a problem with the floaty back doors saying they had not heard of this happening and that it didn't sink at all!
  • GlydonGlydon Posts: 230 Baller
    Lots of great info on here , @kmenard thanks for the pic. I have seen the swim noodle mods lots of time in the past. I did look on youtube and there is a great vid on there that tests all the guys mounts with the floaty. It will float ONLY the standard mount and camera from what I could tell. I think I will go with the floaty and the tether to the standard mount.
  • ski6ski6 Posts: 52 Baller
    Took this photo using the wizmount backpack system and my hero 3. Quite a unique angle
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  • estromestrom Posts: 512 Baller
    @ski6, very cool shot!
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