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Lake Cumberland

Vacationing on lake Cumberland this week, anyone know where a slalom course is?


  • bdoughertybdougherty Posts: 86 Baller
    Beaver Creek always has one not far from the marina. I have always heard Grider Hill (sp?) had one or two as well but I have never been to it. Have fun it is a great place
  • skier41skier41 Posts: 9 Baller
    At beaver creek, course not there , will try grider hill. Any others?
  • jbrannanjbrannan Posts: 4 Baller
    Grider Hill has two. There is a no wake sign right before you get to them to ward off jet skiers and boaters, but some will cruise down the course, so be careful. The courses take a while to settle, but if you're patient they're fun to ski
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