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Elbow brace

LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
I know there must be a few others out there with tennis/ golfers elbow, what type of brace do you wear out while skiing if any?
First thing we get rid of the safety equipment


  • JohnCoxJohnCox Posts: 357 Crazy Baller
    I've dealt with golfer's elbow for a couple of years, to the point I had to stop skiing a while. My ortho gave me a Band-it. I since got one to wear on my other, too. Most of the braces get wet and stretch, and become useless. These have helped me a lot. At the moment, my elbows are good, but I'm wearing them as a preventative measure...
    Mapple T2
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
    @JohnCox Thanks, I have one of those along with a few others. Glad to hear it works well in the water, its one that works the best so far for every day use too.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,001 Mega Baller
    I've watched @JohnCox‌ ski in absolute pain then put the Bandit on and kill it the next set with out the wincing.
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
    I'm sold, guess I need to get a spare in case it end up at the bottom of the lake after. Never know what's going to come off during one of those yard sale falls.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,132 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    For golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis) a strapped glove helps too as gripping the handle usually hurts. Had a season years ago where I don't think I could have skied without clinchers.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
    I've been using a bent or radius handle for the most part of the past 20 years,( love the double bent from Brenda). Most of my problems come from age, those slack hits at one ball trying to figure out the gates 10-20 years ago and golf ,(just a problem in my left arm). Some how in my old age I've learned its just not worth it 95% of the time to take those hits.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
  • skihackerskihacker Posts: 317 Baller
    Slack hits definitely caused it in my elbow a few years back, i found a really big diameter handle helped a lot too.
  • A_BA_B Posts: 4,141 Mega Baller
    edited April 2014
    Second the Bandit! Just have to play around with the tension as your arms will get pumped up from skiing and it will get tighter than your initial setting. Curved handles help,too, and I go a step further and switch diameter every other time. I don't have proof it works but why not? And stretch the beejeevers out of your forearms before and after skiing.
  • TWBTWB Posts: 162 Baller
    I've never used the bandit. In fact, I'll probably get one, but I can say that I've strained my forearm doing pull-ups trying to get back in shape. I wouldn't even attempt to ski without using a brace right now. They make a huge difference in the amount of strain on my forearm during workouts and during skiing.
    Tom Burnham
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,961 Mega Baller
    I used a Bandit for elbow pain playing golf and squash and it is better than any other brace î had tried.
    Mark Shaffer
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
    Has anyone use a compression sleeve. Tried one along with the bandit under the dry suit the other day with minimal pain.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
  • ralral Posts: 1,708 Mega Baller
    Thera Band flexbar...
    Rodrigo Andai
  • cragginshredcragginshred Posts: 693 Crazy Baller
    The brace addresses a symtom in the video I share the PT clinical way to treat the cause and subsequntly eliminate the 'ittis'. I have posted this before, but here ya go,

    Vapor pro 2017
  • GaryWilkinsonGaryWilkinson Posts: 333 Solid Baller
    Suffered with golfers elbow for a few seasons and had to grin and bear it.
    Until... I did 2 things:
    1) adjusted my technique and decision criteria to let go in order to reduce taking hits from slack line.
    2) tried a radius (bent) handle.

    These 2 things have reduced this painful condition to almost zero past 2 seasons. If it does come back a bit, it's ice packs and Band-it for sure. But as previously mentioned, the band doesn't cure the condition, only reduce the pain.
    I need to ski back to the handle obviously.
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 361 Crazy Baller
    I've been using a StraghtLine double bend handle for the past few years until last year and went back to a straight, couldn't find a new one, till the end of the year when I got a double bend from InTow.

    Any thoughts on difference between single or double.Q

    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
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