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For Sale - 2013 Goode Nano One 66inch RFF

BoozeBooze Posts: 431 Crazy Baller
It's in good condition. No scratches or dents. The inserts have metal reacted with the stainless screws a bit, but still work fine.
If anyone is interested, I can supply detailed pics.


  • BoozeBooze Posts: 431 Crazy Baller
    Good question! I just coined the phrase "ski rodeo", which happens every year the manufactors come up with "all new" skis and we feel there's always a better stick to ride.
    I'm waiting on an XT tweaked by Schnitz (with ventrals), hoping it will get me from side to side with less effort. I just got a 67 and 68 Helix today, so we'll see. I rode one set on a Vapor Sunday. THAT was interesting. So I wouldn't count that out in the future either. Also still have the GMid-ride that wasn't bad at all (in fact did my TournPB on).
    This brings up the topic of trying new skis vs staying on a ski to really learn how to ride it. (sounds like a good forum topic to me)
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