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My GOODE bracket challenge bracket will beat yours

HortonHorton Posts: 28,531 Administrator
edited June 2014 in News & Other Stuff
I just filled out and submitted my GOODE Bracket Challenge entry. You can see my picks here. Good for a ski ride a my house or where ever BallerCoins are accepted.

My bracket is money. You can not beat it. I’m so confident that I’ve teamed up with GOODE to award any Baller who beats me a BallerCoin.

If you’d like to take me on in this little challenge, just submit your picks before the deadline, June 17th. Then, in a comment in this thread post your “Printable Bracket” URL (which you’ll see in the submission process) in this thread so we can all see how we do, and more importantly, how badly my picks beat yours.

Good luck, you are going to need it.
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