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There are a few threads about where the best coaching is for slalom skiing but I'd like to see a similar guide for trick coaches. Specifically for learning flips; who really knows how to teach? Especially for someone who isn't necessarily gifted acrobatically. Of course the well known coaches I would think are Cory, Matt Rini, and Chet, but are Rini and Raley focused much on trick? If there wasn't a wakeboard trick named after him I wouldn't even know Chet is anything but a slalom coach. And is Cory able to coach as well as he skis?

What about other schools? Travers seems to be pretty 3-event centric so would they be good? Is there anywhere else?


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    Chet was a open level tricker in the 80's... It was his event above slalom. He definitely knows something about it. Mike Ferraro is one of the best trick coaches I know of - I don't know how active he is coaching these days, but if he is I would highly recommend him.
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    Camilo Espinel is a fantastic trick coach. Bennetts taught Kirk his first flip. Rhoni Barton is great. Mike Ferraro is another one.

    On the west coast Forest Fisher isn't a school but is a good coach. Stan Lee is one of the best people to trick with but weak on flips and also not a school. Horton lake is a school out west and if Taylor Horton is in the boat you have great flip coaching.

    The names you mentioned are also excellent. Cory is as good a coach as a skier. Travers has developed a bunch of kids into great trickers. Chet personally is an excellent tricker and coach.

    While these are the people that I have personally interacted with over the years, there are other excellent coaches and schools.

    Specifically regarding flips, Kirk learned a lot from just skiing with a group of high level wakeboarders.

    Have fun picking up the tricks!

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    Cory is as good or better as a coach then he was as a skier. He is also on the boat all day every day unless he is out of town. If he happens to be out of town there is likely to be another 10K+ point tricker (Adam, Martin, Danny, Javier) in the boat. Give him a call and talk to him about what you want to learn.
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    ... let's not forget Russell Gay. I found this thread:

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    I had an awesome experience with Kiwi at Fluid this Spring. Had been been battling flips after several years away from tricking and he had me landing BFL and reverse again in a set. And I hadn't tried the toeside flip in years. Kiwi is easy to be around too - laid back, fun time.
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    Based on what I have understood Thomas Gustafsson adepts had become rather sucessfull in trick lately.
    He is also a great slalom coach based on my (limited) experience.
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    I don't believe that Chet is doing much or any wakeboard coaching now: SL only?
    But, the "Air Raley" was named for him, back when this branch of the sport was
    still developing.
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    Does anybody here know how to contact Ferraro?
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