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For those of you with boats in Tennessee....

aswinter05aswinter05 Posts: 363 Baller
I'm trying to help out a family member that is a new boat owner in Nashville TN.

Do you guys always perform a full winterization to your boats in Tennessee?? I live in Indiana and a full winterization is a must.

He is thinking about keeping the boat under a cover outdoors.

Advice is greatly appreciated


  • chris_loganchris_logan Posts: 358 Crazy Baller
    edited October 2014
    Definitely full winterization, but not until early to mid December. Always keep a heat lamp in it when temps drop below freezing. Why chance it?
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  • ProStarSlalomProStarSlalom Posts: 7 Baller
    Yes, full winterization. We had temps in the teens several times last year.
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 73 Baller
    Full winterization is required but it can be fairly late, depending on the year. We can usually ski well into November and can often get on the water again in Jan or Feb if we get a sunny day. If that happens, we just re-winterize. Not worth taking any chances.
  • aswinter05aswinter05 Posts: 363 Baller
    Thank you. Boat is being winterized!
  • karenhenry04karenhenry04 Posts: 5 New Baller
    edited November 2014
    Yes, I think that's good idea of using boat cover because this will help boat from unwanted harm..
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