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Invert questions

bbirlewbbirlew Posts: 180 Baller
I'm looking for some info/articles/videos for learning more advanced inverts on my trick.
I've been doing wflipb and reverse for 25 years now, but probably haven't learned a single trick since then!

I can do most of the beginner inverts on a wakeboard, including:
HS back roll / reverse
HS Roll to revert / reverse
Ts back roll
Ts roll to revert
Scarecrow (ts front roll to revert)

So if any tricks may carry over, that would be helpful.
Looking forward to learning some new tricks this comming summer.
Thx in advance.


  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,989 Infinite Pandas
    Wow, you have some great wakeboard tricks. The traditional trick format does require some adjustment in form but not too much. Note that you can compete on a wakeboard as long as it meets the 30% rule and has no fins. Still, a trick ski is able to rip off tricks faster and lower. The tiny wakes of the tournament boats will be the biggest challenge. You'll have to load the ski or board a lot more to adjust.

    If you are comfortable with BFL, R on a trick ski and have all those wakeboard tricks, you should be able to pick up BFLF pretty easily (easy backwrap approach, nice load and patience riding all the way clear will make it feel just like the half cab on the wakeboard). BFLB is another doable trick (heelside approach and keep the roll going all the way around to easy backwrap). Front flips are all power. You'll have to figure out the twists or get a real coach. But have fun transitioning to the trick ski.

    Oh yeah, learn some toes to rack up points in your other pass.

  • klindyklindy Posts: 2,696 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @bbirlew‌ I can trick ok myself and call 12k+ and I have no idea what tricks you described above. :smile:
    Keith Lindemulder
    AWSA Chairman of the Board
    AWSA Southern Region EVP
  • skisprayskispray Posts: 237 Crazy Baller
    edited November 2014
    Kevin Jack has some good videos on youtube for advanced flips and a few other tricks: Kevin Jack's Trick Playlist

  • bbirlewbbirlew Posts: 180 Baller
    @klindy‌ ,
    HS = heel side approach, Ts = toe side.
    In wakeboarding you can approach the wake in one of four different positions: heel side or toe side in regular or switch (revert).

    My background is 3 event back in the 90s, but as I moved away from home the only people I could find to ride with only wanted to wakeboard. Tricks took a back seat for 20+ years, but I just picked up a gravitron to upgrade from my mid 90s obrien rubber edge, and I'm looking forward to learning some new tricks this summer.

    Any tips for learning them? Would it help to put the rope on the tower, or a little ballast? Or just go with the standard? My 94 nautique throws a pretty good trick wake.

    For a wflip front to back, (left foot forward - say my regular ts approach) which way do I rotate?

  • skisprayskispray Posts: 237 Crazy Baller
    edited November 2014
    @bbirlew, see the link in my previous post. As @eleeski pointed out halfcab (BFLF - the last video in the playlist) is probably the best trick to start with. After that he suggested BFLB (first video in the playlist). The footage on this one is a little out of sync. The video shows RBFLB, BFLB, then BFLBB, so pay attention to the middle flip. It's a heelside approach. The toeside approach would be more difficult because the landing is reverse backwrap instead of regular backwrap.
  • bbirlewbbirlew Posts: 180 Baller
    Thx I'll definitely check the vids out soon. And thx for the recommendations of what to try first.
    That will help a lot.
  • bbirlewbbirlew Posts: 180 Baller
    @skispray‌ or @eleeski‌,
    I checked out those vids last night and they were great.
    My first question though is about the direction of rotation. For the bflipb and rev it seems the skier rotates the opposite direction I would expect, and finishes the spin portion of the flip with the rope 'outside' his body. Is this how it is always done?
    To me (left foot forward) it seems so much more natural for example to approach the wake toe side (left to right) and spin to my 'normal' half wrap. Basically your shoulders stay square to the boat the whole time. Why don't they do it this way instead? (This would be a ts roll to revert on a wakeboard).
    Thx again for your help.
  • eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,989 Infinite Pandas
    There is no reason why you can't counterspin. But counterspin tricks are usually more difficult to execute. The landing edge is more critical - especially if you underturn or overturn the trick. Additionally, approaching the wake against the grain is very difficult - you'll probably have to turn out of that B position.

    Additionally, to perform the reverse flip, you must go off the opposite wake and turn the opposite direction. The reverse against the grain might be very difficult.

    Of course your personal experiences and talents may favor counterspin tricks. Years ago, Carlos Suarez set a world record with mostly counterspun tricks. So give it a try both ways.

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