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I just received my new rope & handle for the 2015 season. Brenda at InTow was great to work with and had my order to my house in a matter of days. It will be my first time using InTow products as well as a spectra strung handle. I'm looking forward to the coming season to put these products to the test.

Spectra 12" .930"

22-38off (thats all I need for now)
loop between 32 & 35
loop between 35 & 38

I also had Brenda string the whole rope including loops out of Green poly. I did this because I have found I tend to over think the next pass and I have skied them the best when the line was shorted without me knowing. Now my boat crew can change the length without me seeing a color change on the pylon. It will be an interesting experiment.


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    That is an interesting experiment!

    I think you'll like Brenda's stuff.

    I think I'm gonna get an 11.0m loop (between 38 and 39) at some point. I don't think I'll be able to run 11.0m any time soon, but maybe-just-maybe I can execute a couple of turns and learn something. Even at my peak when I can occasionally run 11.25m, I am out of the game so damn fast at 10.75m that it's really just some insight into the gate (which still has some value).
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    As an alternative to intermediate loops, we have two sets of screw eyes set in our anchor blocks. The "outside" eyes are dead on tolerance (surveyed), and the inside eyes are narrow tolerance. We ski actual until about Nationals and then start skiing narrow tolerance to prep for Nationals and the fall record tournaments in the south. The narrow balls are enough easier to make a difference and build confidence but not so much easier as to be totally unlike what we'll see in a tournament.
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    @MattP, trust you will love InTow product, but curious as to why you have decided to try?

    @Than_Bogan, I remember advice recieved a few years back...(paraphrased)
    Whenever I move to a new line length, I start the gates early, way early, like 20 feet or so. This allows me to get the width I need on 1 ball which in turn allows me to ski deeper into the course at the new line length. Then, as I begin to complete the pass on a 'regular' basis I 'sneak up' on the gates. This allows you to practice the shorter length at 2 ball, 3 (and so on) before you even attempt to master gate/1...make sense? It's like learning a new gotta get on the dance floor to learn it.

    I will say this, it is hard to put into practice, as we want to (and are taught to) run it entrance gate to exit gate. Not exit gate to entrance gate. But it works...
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    @zippin_2‌ Intow is a site sponsor, we used them at the ATL ProAm this year and one of my ski partners used intow products and I thought I would give them a try.

    I have seen a growing use of her products among the pro and amateur ranks here recently. With @Detrick‌ @Chad_Scott‌ @FWinter‌ CP, Parsons, @twhisper‌ ect.

    I have used ML products for as long as I can remember but you never know until you try.
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    I would be the first in line to buy a handle from her if she made one that has the curved ends. I had an in-tow rope that I liked a lot until I left it at Jack's.

    All of my Masterline gear works well: however $170 for a handle??? Seriously??? I would put in for an order with US Gear for theirs but have read of multiple skiers that have paid and haven't received a handle.
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    I received my In Tow rope and handle in November, this is my second and the first is going to be a hand me down because there is nothing wrong with it. I went with the bent handle, cross brace and training loop between -35 & -38. Super impressed with the quality and service, thanks Brenda.
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