HO V-Type Mid Review notes

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The bad news is I will not be skiing of a few weeks. That is a topic for another thread. I will see my Orthopedic before I really know anything…

The good news is I LOVE this ski.

The keys to this ski are “Do less” and “Move around less".

You sure as heck to not have to push this ski to turn. Let the ski go and turns are automatic and symmetrical. Keep your inside shoulder up into On_Side or you may find more angle and load than you anticipated.

More and more I think modern skis want the skier to not overload. The V-Type epitomizes this attribute. Just don’t bury your shoulder. Take angle, hold angle, do not do more. Remember A1 and A2 that begged you to go all bonsai? Don't to that on V-Type.

I have not yet explored the moving far forward on this ski in the pre-turn. Chances are this is a good idea on all skis. At this point the results are excellent if I just stay centered into and out of the ball.

My settings (actually Dave Wingerter’s settings)
8 deg

Front boot @ 29.5"

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