2013 MasterCraft won't start

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The club I ski with has a 2013 MasterCraft Prostat with an Ilmor 5.7 I've recently changed the impeller after it was running hot. Now the engine does not start. I've checked all the obvious things: gas, battery ( the starter sounds fine), the sound of the fuel pump when turn the key, kill switch, etc. I hear it turn over when I try to start it, but the engine gives me no indication whatsoever that it will start. Is there some sort of computer reset that I need to do? I'm all out of ideas, and hoping not to spend a few hundred bucks for a ridiculously quick fix.


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    Check fuel pressure too. You can guages at auto parts store. There's a port somewhere near the fuel rails. It should go up to proper fuel pressure when you turn the key on (buzzing sound). Maybe disconnect the battery for a while to reset the cpu.
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    Did you wiggle the throttle to verify that it's in neutral? Sounds dumb but happens to everyone once in awhile.
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    Check that the kill switch is in the proper position (should be a little forked plastic piece that holds the kill switch out -- it usually has some type of bungee attached to it and is near the throttle lever). If that is not the problem here are some other things to look for as posted by JimN on the Mastercraft team talk forum:

    Open the motor cover, turn the key ON and listen to a 2 second buzzing sound. If you don't hear anything, look for the Fuel Pump fuse. If that's OK, make sure the plug on the pump is in place. If that's tight, go to the rear of the motor and look for the ground point for the various ground wires, making sure they're tight and in place. Wiggle them and if any come off, that's probably the cause.
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    Kill switches can go on the fritz.

    Unhook each wire and use a 3rd piece of wire or a paper clip to connect them.

    You'll hear the fuel pumps prime when you turn the key, but it won't start is one clue.

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    Could be anything a maybe a shot in the dark but my 2013 crapped out with under 10 hrs on it. It was just a bad distributor cap.
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    Check the distributor cap and spark plugs.
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    Did this happen right after impeller change? Wouldn't start after you changed it?
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    Check your main screen and see if it shows voltage in the lower corner. if no voltage is showing you have lost voltage supply to engine. a simple jumper wire to the battery cut off switch should take care of the problem... that is if that is the problem.
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    Sorry just noticed the title said 13 not 14....
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    Our 2012 Mastercraft would not start (990 hours) after we thought it run out of gas. It would turn over but not start. Had a couple of guys in club (one a PCM certified) start trying to figure it out without use of ILmore software. It appeared to be the coil pack or the Main Computer pack. Since coil pack was $150 and Computer was close to $1000 we tried the coil pack first. Lucky for us coil pack was the issue and boat started right up and is still running ok. Hope your issue is this easy and cheap.
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