Ph.D. student looking for a way to get on the water here in Fort Collins, Colorado


I just moved to Fort Collins to start my Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. CO is great so far, it just sucks being separated from my family and their boats on the east coast. I was wondering if there were any local ski clubs or services someone without a boat could get involved in? I mostly slalom but enjoy boarding and surfing too. Thanks!


  • ggincogginco Posts: 101 Baller
    @FCWaterSport You happen to be within 30 minutes of one of the premier tournament ski clubs in the nation. There isn't surfing or boarding but as far as slalom, trick and jump it's as good as it gets. As a bonus...the club has boats the members share. Send me a private message for more info. There are other nearby private sites that do allow surfing and boarding but you'll need your own boat.
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