Radar is making a nice glove

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I got some new Radar gloves. I think they are called Boas or maybe they are called Stradas. Anyway they have the zigzag cables on the back with the wheel you turn to tighten them up. They are the best gloves I have ever used. All the other gloves I have used had the velcro strap closure on the back of the hand which never worked good for me.


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    Is there an online link?  I'm in the market for a new brand of gloves since my beloved Talons are gone and I didn't find the 4wake Talons to be equivalent.  Currently using an old set of Connelly Claws, actually!
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    I'm sure they are online somewhere. I got mine from the good folks at h2osmosis. Check radar.com to see them then call Tadd.
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    This reminds me:  What's the difference between Amarid and kevlar?  Supposedly the "new" Talons have an Amarid palm, but the grip doesn't seem anywhere near as good the old "kevlar" Talons.

    Both the Radar Strada (http://www.radarskis.com/strada_glove.html) and the Masterline K-Palm (which I borrowed for one set and seemed like a solid grip) also claim to have Amarid palm.

    So are there types of Amarid or something??
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    Is anybody else a little sketched out by having what is basically piano wire on the back of their hands?  I can't figure out exactly how I would injure myself with that, but it seems like I'd find a way...
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    I've seen those Boa gloves and they are pretty slick. I just can't stomach $80, even if they do last for a year or more.


    Boa lacing has been around for a few years. You'll mostly find it used on snowboard boots and wakeboard bindings. It seems to be a pretty solid system. The snowboarder I know loves the technology and has never had a problem, and I've never seen a boarder limping home cursing a broken cable on his or her boots.
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    I could be off base, but I seem to recall the manufacturers had to stop using the name Kevlar for trademark infringement.

    I've been searching for new gloves as well. Been using the Goode gloves, but they don't have my size in stock and don't plan on making any more this year. :-/
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    I have the Radar BOA gloves. They are badass. Been using them all year.  You can dial in the fit and feel of the glove using the BOA adjuster wheel.
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    How does the size compare to others? I use small goode and stretch the hell out of them
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    I love these gloves too and they are true to size - I am a L.  They are tight when dry and perfect when wet - no stretching that I have noticed.  Maybe the dial helps with that.   I give these gloves two thumbs up. 
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    I think they run just a bit smaller than ML's or HO's
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    Radar locks
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    if Radar would add the BOA knob/cable deal to the Lock gloves, that would make them even better
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    I've been using them for two years and because of the warranty two pair have only cost me $80. Excellent fix, best thing I like is in between passes no adjustment needed

    Next pair will be Boa's
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    Kevlar is DuPont's trade name for aramid fiber. Seems like it should expire (the trade name) at 30 years(?), I think it was way back in '71.
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    I just got my pair. I'm impressed (other than the price). Too bad Goode ran out of production on theirs. I think I like these Strata gloves better.
    Dave Satterfield - Richmond Water Ski Club
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