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I am pretty unhappy about the anonymous post in the "Witchhunt" thread. I am slowly working on some new roles on the site so if you are not a member of USAWS/AWSA or one of the other affiliated federations you will not be able to comment on specific threads. I will not be able to enforce anything until I do some work but if you are a member of AWSA/USAWS or the canadian asso or some other federation you should populate your membership filed with your number.

So I got up at a$$Crack:30 today to make some tweaks to the forum security and user system. I figured out that it would be nearly impossible to control rights to some threads/ categories based on USAWS or IWWF federation numbers. Instead I set up some rules that grant access to users who are likely long time participants in organized tournaments.

Bottom line I would still like to encourage everyone to add their member number if they have one as well as their real name and other details. If for some reason this seems like and invasion of privacy then don’t worry about it.

If you do add your number to your account you may want to shoot me a message. Your member number is no one of 4 or 5 signals that triggers a change in your account.

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