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I got this video of Ivan Morros and thought I would share it. I really like his skiing. For those of you who don't know, he is the 35+ World Slalom Champion and made [email protected] in a high pressure tournament look easy.

I learned everything I know not to do from Horton


  • DirtDirt Posts: 1,782 Open or Level 9 Skier
    Here is some of the tournament video from shore. I think the 35off pass is missing from the video.

    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
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    Efficient GUTer... NICE!
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    Hey that is a really nice efficient technique, reminds me of Wim the way he moves through the center / transition so easily.
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    I have always looked up to Ivan growing up as a young skier in Italy, and he often came to tournaments in Recetto and Moncalieri. Fortunately, I also can call him a friend. Efficiency has always been a core quality of the way he skis, both in terms of load and amount of movements.
    He is killing it at 34mph, but he also has a couple of podium at Open Euros on his palmares, so not shabby at all!!!
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    I read somewhere that someone called Fredric Halt 'the best skier you've never heard of'. I mentioned that quote to Harald Hintringer; he said that's how he thought of Ivan Morros.
    Ivan skis @ Sesena just outside of Madrid, which is a great, affordable place if to ski if you're looking for something a little different from Central Florida.
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    @wish - exactly what I was thinking. Accelerates out of the turn over his ski really nicely.
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    It's all about the gates folks....Ivan has it dialed. The only thing that changes as the line shortens is swing speed so everything literally happens faster. He changes nothing (all the passes look the same) other then the ability to process things faster while maintains same elements overall throughout course. Sooo cool to watch through the lenses with what I have learned over the past year. There really isn't very many skiers out there that can do what he does consistently. They do tend to stand out as smooooooth and effortless...because it is.
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    I pulled Ivan in our last record tournament at Okeeheelee. He is very even off both sides, easy to know where he is and that makes it easy to drive for him. He ran [email protected] (I pulled Harold Hintringer in the same round to [email protected] for comparison). It was a 16mph cross wind that day and these guys skied like it was calm! I had not met Ivan before he jumped in the water for his round. I kept asking the boat judge "who is this guy, he skies great?" after every pass. When he ran 39 with the same even style as 35 and 38, I knew this was some skier on the line. Very nice guy to talk too as well. I always get feedback from anyone new I pull in a tournament and he was very easy going about the whole thing. He said he liked my driving, but not so much the wind :blush:
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    Geez. That guy can freaking ski! Never heard of him til I saw this.
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    He's on a Vapor. Just more proof that all my issues are between my ears. My first thought was Terry Winters.
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    When someone makes it look so easy, as Harald can as well...I think I should be able to do as they do.

    Then I watch how they manage energy after the second wash, and how they continue to gain width on the inside turning edge...I don't have it. Energy to wide/high and energy to fast and down course are two very different possibilities.

    I can kick butt to the wake but when going to turning edge I come up-course, and they remain outbound. Serious skiing from serious skiers and true of all at the top level, men/women/boys/girls.

    Work to do for the rest of us mortals.
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