Practical/Silly Hardshell Usage Questions

jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,166 Mega Baller
Switched from rubber to hardshell (Leverage to Syndicate) just now. In case anyone is wondering it's only about a 2-set acclimation period and I'm positive after set #2 that it's a positive move. First set, could not run my opener. Second set, smoked the opener off the dock. Once the system is trusted to not eject and kill you (which is a big mental hurdle for me anyway) it actually allows you to feel more confident in your connection with the ski and really lay into it. I don't know how else to describe it.

ANYWAY, now that I've got it I have some potentially stupid questions and nobody I ski with runs a hardshell. These are pretty specific to a Silveretta-style setup (Reflex/Edge/Syndicate):

1. Do you guys remove the boot after every set or generally leave it connected to the ski? I'm assuming remove it. How about for storage or transport? It's odd that my ski is now two pieces so this is stuff I haven't thought about before.
2. For RTP folks what is your strategy for RTP proximity to the back of the boot as well as foot insertion now that I have this release mechanism there? I used to slam my rear foot in and when my toe hit the front boot heel, I knew I was there. Now I'm a little hesitant to slam it in there knowing I could crash into the Silveretta. Already did, actually, and cracked my toenail. Thinking of putting some foam or something for the toes to potentially crash into? I really put my foot ALL the way in the RTP and do it as I'm getting up. I initially tried the rear plate back a hole but that was too much of a change.
3. Do you put your liner on, then slip that into the boot or just put your foot right into the boot with the liner in it? I'm assuming the latter since putting the liner in and out would probably cause it some wear and tear on all the inner boot surfaces.
4. Do you put the boot on in the boat, then step over and clip it on while on the platform or attach the boot to the ski then step into it, etc? What's the order of events there?
5. After your set when you are waiting for the boat to pick you up are you disconnecting the ski in the water or clamoring up, then popping it off on the platform?

All of this stuff I've never had to think about before and I'm sure doesn't really matter, BUT, there may be specific reasons practically why people do stuff in a certain order or way and I don't know that it's been discussed before.


  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,286 Mega Baller
    @jhughes 1. I remove the boot every time and dry up everything. 2. I work my foot in the RTP by holding the ski from the rear with a free hand until I feel my toes under the heel block inside the silvretta arms, then stand up with both feet in. 3. Both 4. Clip it on while on the platform. 5. Disconnecting the ski in the water.
    However if you are not comfortable with checking your system before each use and adjust it if needed I suggest you leave the boot on and take it off occasionally or when traveling. Putting it on and off might loosen the connection between boot and plate on the Reflex, maybe not so much on the Edge/Syndicate.
  • OldboyIIOldboyII Posts: 710 Crazy Baller
    edited June 2017
    I also swithed to Syndicate this year. Like it very much!
    I am not the skier who can give advises ))
    I can only say that shell without liner has a negative flotation, therefore, just to be one the safeside, put it on Inside the boat, not outside :)
  • DanEDanE Posts: 934 Crazy Baller
    The only stupid questions are the ones never asked
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 837 Crazy Baller
    Nobody at my site uses a hardshell besides me. So I just started doing what made sense to me.

    1. I disconnect the boot from my ski after every set. The only time the boot is clamped into my ski is when my foot is in it. I just rest the boot on the ski in my bag but dont actually clip it in.
    2. N/A I use a rubber rear boot
    3. I put the liner on, then slip into the boot. I take the liner out after every set. The liner is starting to rip on the edges.
    4. I put the boot on in the boot or on the dock and have it all snugged up. I then clip in while on the platform.
    5. If I don't ski back to the dock I pull my rear foot out of the rubber and then lift the tang to easily disconnect my front boot. I don't use "force" to disconnect the ski.

    I love my reflex. Wouldn't go back to a rubber. The comfort is great as my old Animals used to cramp after 4-5 passes.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,066 Mega Baller
    In my brief experiment with a Reflex front I did smash my toe on the back of the reflex when kicking in. That was when I was on a Nano 1 which I ran my feet very close together. Frankly I just learned to be more careful when kicking in. I did go back to a Radar front when I was having problems on the N1 trying to isolate if the ski just didn't suit my style or if it was me.

    My son is on a Reflex front with a RTP and he does the following:
    1. Inconsistent. I try to get him to take the boot out and he usually does just throw it back in the bag.
    2. He doesn't seem to have a problem smashing his toes. At least he has never complained about it.
    3. Put the liner on the foot then slip the liner into the boot. It is a good idea to take the liner out to let it dry but you don't have to.
    4. Put the boot on in the boat (we generally ski from the boat not a dock or shore) then step on the platform and put the ski on. Be careful stepping on to the platform as the boot can be slippery.
    5. Release the ski by releasing the heal while in the water.

    My son can put his ski back on in the water. I am not that coordinated (I still have Reflex on my trick) and get back on the platform to put the ski on.
    Mark Shaffer
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 837 Crazy Baller
    To @Chef23 point I have tried and I cannot clip my front boot in while in the water. I have to do it on a solid platform.
  • BoozeBooze Posts: 461 Crazy Baller
    @jhughes - longtime reflex and toepiece user here. I rip all or any foam crap off my toeplates and go with safety step tape. No need to jam foot into the strap, just use normal force and crawl up using toes. (I drag leg on pullup)
    I also adjust spacing of the plate to suit where my foot ends up, not just where 'it should be', if that makes since. My big toe ends up hanging over the edge of the plate.
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