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Knee Problem/Pain

xratedxrated Posts: 506 Solid Baller
Noticed the last few times skiing that afterwards my back (right) knee will be sore.

I guess now that I think about it for maybe half of the summer last year it was as well due to a OTF where my back foot stayed in the RTP while the ski augered in.

Up until last night I thought it was probably due to getting tired (skiing more than once each time out) and I was reverting to bad habits and using way too much rear foot pressure causing my leg to get tired and make my knee sore.

But last night I skied just one time, making a conscious effort to avoid back foot pressure. It felt great while everyone else skied, but by the time we wiped the boat down and made it to the deck for a beer it was aching.

I'm sure there is stuff inside the knee that could be trimmed, but that ain't an option right now. So what kind of exercise should I be doing to strengthening around the knee?


  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 5,975 Mega Baller
    I would get a diagnosis and see a PT. That way at least you know what you are dealing with and put a plan together to get you through the season and hopefully avoid surgery.
    Mark Shaffer
  • Stevie BoyStevie Boy Posts: 2,073 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I have had loads of surgery on my back knee, I really should have metal and plastic by now, what helps is, any exercise that triggers those little muscles around the knee as well as quads, I always do twenty lunges on each leg before skiing, to loosen things up, remember sometimes tightness in the calves or hamstring can also put strain on your knees, use a cross trainer and plenty of stretching, if pulling you leg up behind you, it is best to pull your leg up and away, this stretches/lengthens the quads and relieves pressure on the knee.

    When The Going Gets Tough, Get Stoked !

  • 34mph34mph Posts: 193 Baller
    What type of rtp do you have ? if your twisting at the joint instead at the foot because you are too locked it .... can cause knee pain.
  • xratedxrated Posts: 506 Solid Baller
    Old HO rtp. I do tend to shove my foot in pretty far and hard.

    @Chef23 I should but while my local ortho is good his clients are 95% hip and knee replacements. Then again he might be able to at least give a more accurate diagnosis than my x-ray tech self diagnosis of "probably some frayed stuff".

    @Stevie Boy thanks for the ideas. I will start throwing some lunges in each day and working on stretching. Flexible I am not and chickens make fun of my legs!
  • xratedxrated Posts: 506 Solid Baller
    Lots of options for those types of docs....but my insurance isn't what it was at Mayo so I actually have to look around.

    I work with an ER doc who did a sports med fellowship with the Colts and is very active himself,perhaps I will bring him a 6 pack and see what he suggests.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,292 Mega Baller
    Do you stretch before you ski? Hamstrings, quads, hips (piriformis especially), glutes, IT band, all will have an impact on your knees, especially your rear leg.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,653 Mega Baller
    I had 105 ml of bloody fluid drained from my left knee. Guess I'll be taking a couple days off...
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    I've had 2 surgeries on my left knee and its still has some meniscus issues. Its was hurting for about 9 months last year. I finally went to the doctor and he gave me some oral steroids and some anti-inflammatory cream to put on it. It cleared up in about 3 weeks.
  • Mick04Mick04 Posts: 42 Baller
    @gregy, which steroids and anti-inflammatory did he prescribe? Do you still have to use either?
  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    @Mick04 Pennsaid cream. The oral I think was Prednisone. It was were you take progressively less pills each day for about 5 days.
  • xratedxrated Posts: 506 Solid Baller
    Yeah no of course I don't stretch. At 33 I still think I am 16 and can just go.

    Though yesterday morning I did take a few minutes to do some stretches...didn't ski until 7pm but my knee did feel better.
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,292 Mega Baller
    I'm a little older than you but also in my 30s. I was 34 and walking around in tons of pain after skiing and it dawned on me I needed to start stretching before I ski. Unfortunately that means getting out of bed 20 mins earlier for those dawn patrol sets, but the dividends a proper warmup pays are huge, especially if you're a fellow northerner jumping into 65-75 degree water in peak season.
  • jerrymjerrym Posts: 72 Baller
    @xrated you may want to be aware of your on-side turn mechanics. It is very easy to get in the habit of driving your on-side turn with your back leg and twisting the back knee in the process. Also, a good warmup goes a long way - I've settled on a few minutes with a jump rope to get the blood flowing.
  • TeamWallyTeamWally Posts: 121 Baller
    Read this. At least you will have some evidence based knowledge. Remember, What it is that surgeons do ?
  • xratedxrated Posts: 506 Solid Baller
    @jerrym I've been paying attention to that, gonna take some time and work to break bad habits. Taken a few falls where I put too much front foot pressure, but I can notice when I do it right.

    Otherwise I talked to my friendly ER doc this weekend and work and am gonna start doing squats, etc to try and strengthen the muscles and cut the pain.
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