My kids are hooked on jump - now what?

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So my kids have returned from Coble Ski School again and are in love with jump. This was my daughter's (13 years old - last year G2) second year and she was so proud that she made every attempt over the big ramp. My son (11 years old - first year B2) landed about 10 jumps over the mini, but wasn't quite ready for the big ramp just yet.

I need to buy them their own jumpers. Since buying used jumpers is next to impossible, I'm probably going to bite the bullet and get a new pair. I'm hoping that my kids can share a set for a few years as right now they are about the same size (about 100lbs).

So my question is this - what size jumpers should I get?
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    I found a used set of 72" Kidders for my son when he was first year Boys 2. They are hard to come by though. If I was doing it again I would probably call Ron Goodman and tell him about the kids and get what he suggests. You will get probably 75% of your money back at a minimum when they outgrow them. My son's second set of jumpers 84" Goodmans are lighter than the 72" Kidders and were easier for him to land. He was about 14 and 150 pounds when we went to those.

    @Bruce_Butterfield is an excellent resource for advice on this.
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    @ScarletArrow I would not go any larger than 72. Buy used if you can find them. The resale value should hold up if you don't abuse them. Jumpers just starting should not be on skis bigger than 72.
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    Starting out 72" is optimum. The key is to have something controllable, so smaller is better. You can find them used but they will likely be old and heavy.

    Once they get past aggressive singles in the 50-60 ft range, they will be ready for 76". The surprising thing is that new 76 will be lighter and more controllable than ancient 72s. If you strike out on used 72, I think you will be ok buying new 76 D3s -not ideal, but workable due to being lighter and you should get several years out of them. Now that i went back and saw you have a 100lb 11yo (!), I'm more comfortable recommending 76" if you cant find used 72. Both my kids made century club on 76" at 28mph.

    Goodmans are great as long as you are prepared to wait.... and wait..... if you call D3 they will give you an estimated time, probably 3-4 weeks, and in 3-4 weeks they will be at your door.

    Bindings are also important. I would go straight to new wileys. You may get lucky in that a 13yo girls feet should be about the same size as a 11yo boy:) so they can share at least for a while. Probably XS, but check with wileys.
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    @ScarletArrow I just saw this in another thread " he decided to smash his face into the corner of the granite kitchen counter top requiring 10 stitches"

    Definitely get him jumping! ;)
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    I must have been lucky in my interaction with Goodman. I ordered jumpers in the winter as a Christmas gift for my son and they arrived when he said they would. I have heard lots of stories about how long people waited but I wasn't one of them.
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    I think that if we could get more kids to try the jump, we would have more skiers.
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    I'm sooooo glad that my father in law held onto my wife's 62" Kidder jumpers from 30+ years ago. All three of our kids skied their first slalom tournaments and regionals on them. We just taught 3 beginner kids how to ski on Independence day with them. This weekend our 11 year old set a new jump PB of 52' on 'em. Can't beat that for diversity!

    If anyone made little jumpers like this today they should be able to see every pair....
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    I have a old pair of 66 inch that I will not sell. They are in great shape. Maybe someday grandkids will learn to jump on them
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    @Mark_Matis ,we received several ski's from the Salma's...I'll need to find out what we did with them. We planned on keeping a few in the club house for collegiate events we plan to host.
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    Not to hijack this thread, but to add to the Goodman service story - my son recently bent the Goodman aluminum fin on his right Goodman ski on the sidecurtain (yeah, it was a late cut). I texted Ron about it on July 3rd and he had two new fins at FedEx that day. I realize that it wasn't a request to build new skis, but it just showed me that Ron wants to give the best service he can.
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    @ScarletArrow .....what you do now is accept the fact that for the next several years you're tied to a whole shit load of jump maintenance. The most costly and labor intensive aspect of water skiing that you can imagine.
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