Insightful interviews with April Coble, Will Asher and Trent Nelson Cranfield

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During the Malibu Open a couple of weeks ago, we were able to talk to April, Will and Trent. Every conversation had a different slant, all relevant to skiing, plus relevant to business (we did the interviews for our business podcast My Boss My Mom).

April has a balanced take on dealing with a poor performance, plus several nuggets on working with family and the inspiration that skiing provides. Will talks mastery, practice, visualization and how he questions everything, including the basics we thought we all knew. Trent was just coming off of skiing less than his best and had some nice insights on how to deal with that, plus he talked about what it took to coach me to run my first ever 22 off pass - something we didn't think would ever happen!

Here's a link to the three interviews.


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    Link doesn't work for me.
    Anyone else or is my hamster dead spinning the wheel???
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
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    Sorry about that - link fixed!
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    Wow, great job! Thanks @lcarnes
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    Awesome, thanks @lcarnes!
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    Awesome job, my wife would love to ski with u gals next year.
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    @WaterSkier12 we are going to have at least one women's week next year. If she is interested in getting updates, message me with an email address and we will keep her posted.
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