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Tournament Fish Story

JackQJackQ Posts: 343 Crazy Baller
edited July 2018 in News & Other Stuff
Yesterday I was skiing in a R tournament with my 2nd attempt skiing behind the new Nautique when I was taken out my a fish maybe a turtle. I was in good shape making the transition from pre turn to turn at #[email protected] when I hit something, momentarily I thought I hit the ball, but saw the ball in front of my waist.

Then I swam around the ball looking for a loose sub buoy or something else floating, but nothing. Got out of the water though about asking for a re-ride, but assumed everyone would think "another whining skier" so I started on the walk of shame back to the starting dock, after awhile and looked down and saw my shin (photo).

The lake has carp and turtles and assume it was the fins of fish or the claws and bottom of turtle went over my shin. Has anyone seen anything similar?

Not it wasn't my ski, it never came off. Nor from hard-shell binders as I have T-factors rubber binders.


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