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Sport 200 V Opinions



  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,039 Mega Baller
    edited August 2018
    @oldjeep if your families priority is slalom a vdrive isn’t the best option. We all know you love the vdrives but there are some good options for family boats that are first rate slalom machines. There aren’t as many seating options but with a tower there is a lot of flexibility in the Prostar and there is no comparison on the slalom wake.
    Mark Shaffer
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,414 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited August 2018
    OK slight hijack but only cuz I think it's getting at the intent of the original post.

    What is the best surfing open-bow family capable direct drive (that unweighted has a great slalom wake) without adding a ton of aftermarket sacks (some stock ballast, a wedge, a stick on wake shaper is ok as an add-on)?
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • IlivetoskiIlivetoski Posts: 1,187 Crazy Baller
    We JUST got finished having this argument but with outboards... please don’t bring this back with V drives
  • SSG223SSG223 Posts: 21 Baller
    @Justin... We currently have a 2014 VTX, and you get exactly what you are buying, which is a compromise boat. It skis "ok" (32 mph and 28' off - with many thanks to others on this forum for the guidance!) and it surfs "ok", but doesn't do either all that well. We had a neighbor with the Nautique V200, and I'm convinced that the VTX surfs WAY better than the Nautique. He was more of a pure skier, and regretted selling his old Nautique, but like many of us, all the kids just want to surf.

    Our lake gets tore up pretty bad, and the issue with the VTX is that the surf is relatively small vs the true surf boats, but even worse, the VTX "bobs" in the waves like a cork (vs plowing through like the big boats), so it isn't as practical for surfing when the water is rough. Sure, you get wet when it's hot, but you need calmer waters (not like skiing) for it to surf well. I suspect the 200V will be similar, but depending on your lake, that may not be an issue.

    Regarding the VTX, note that with the wedge, it does seem to really go through the fuel. I've heard the Malibu's are far less fuel efficient vs the other brands, although I don't have the experience to confirm or deny that.

    We are fortunate to live on our lake, and are actually going to two boats. Picking up a 2008 Nautique 196 this week, then stepping up to a bigger surf boat next year.

    Hope that helps.
  • PurdueSkierPurdueSkier Posts: 193 Baller
    @justin I skied behind a 200V on our public course last summer. A friend had one for his family and was struggling in the course. Wanted me to try it. I only skied 34mph but expect slower speeds to be worse. At 15 and 22 off it was nearly unskiable in the course. Wake was big and rampy. Caused huge air during edge change. I struggled and couldn't imagine putting my wife or kids behind it if the goal was to ski a course or even aggressively edge thru the wakes. At 28 off it wasn't too bad. At 32 and 35 off I honestly couldn't tell the difference between it and a direct drive. Strangest part was sitting in the water behind it. It is huge. More difficult to maneuver at slow speeds as well just because it is a much bigger boat. If slalom was last on the priority list this might be a good option. If it is first I would say it is not a good option.
  • HighAltitudeHighAltitude Posts: 145 Baller
    If you think a 216 has a great wake, I think you might be very happy with a 200V. This forum is so heavily slanted towards direct drives I'm not sure you will hear any positives about the 200V. It's a great all around boat, but you have to accept it's limitations. Obviously, if you need really nice slow speed slalom wakes, you are not going to be happy. If you ski 34 mph, 28 off you will have a great slalom machine that you can surf on when you load up the friends.
  • Tom351Tom351 Posts: 124 Baller
    I course ski, wakeboard, and surf (after we are too tired from one of the first two) behind our 99 Sport Nautique.... a DD is the most versatile choice:

    You can always add weight (within reason) to a direct drive to give it a similar weight distribution to a ballasted V-drive (for wake and surf) cannot alter a V-drive to have the lower weight and balanced distribution of a unweighted direct drive (for slalom). You just have to stomach the cramped interior of the DD and delaing with ballast bags, for me that is acceptable compromise to have a boat where the slalom course is at least a viable option. I do feel that "slalom capable" and "surf capable without a ton of sacks" are mutually exclusive- you either need to give up the slalom, or deal with sacks.

  • JustinJustin Posts: 77 Baller
    Thanks again guys! I expected the responses I got. Another DD isn't going to work for the family, and I know we will be compromising on all fronts.
    With all due respect I read a lot of posts on here regarding complaints on current Direct Drive wakes, even the new Ski Nautique. So i'll take it with a grain of salt until I actually ski behind one. I am a 28 -32 off 34mph guy and my son is working his way through 30 mph.
    I grew up with a 75' Nautique and then the family upgraded to a brand new one in 92', learned to ski the course behind the 75', that was a hard wake! I still ski behind that 92' and I score the same as behind our local clubs new 200 sooo....
    I'll report back with an honest review.
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,039 Mega Baller
    @Justin at 30 mph and 15 off the wake on a Vdrive is going to be rough for your son. If he can figure out how to run the course well behind that he will build good fundamentals but he could also wind up taking some hard falls and be gun shy which would impede his progress.

    I had a conversation with Marcus Brown about what we learned to ski behind and he made a compelling case for a better wake speeding development of good fundamentals.

    The vdrive will be more versatile and have more space for your stuff which for the family will be great. If you aren’t focused on course skiing or have access to another boat in the course (maybe trade course sets for surfing sessions) one of the boats you are talking about would obviously work. Happy wife is very important.

    I am spoiled because we live right on the water and we don’t have to lug all our stuff in the boat. I would definitely look for a tower with racks to get skis and wakeboards off the floor.

    Mark Shaffer
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 732 Mega Baller
    After your dis appointed with the sport v. Take a serious look at a new prostar. With wakeboard racks on the tower. ski racks in the boat + the ski locker, all your gear will be out of the way. Remove one rear seat and got you a place for a cooler. It can fit 7 comfortably and handles public water really well.
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,416 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Adding to what @LoopSki said, my wife was originally interested a 200V until testing one. The interior is very cramped, and climbing over the rear hatch proved to be a bigger pita than walking around the dog house.
    Scott Calderwood
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 732 Mega Baller
    Back in 2014 I had high hopes for the sport 200 as well. I was debating between the 200 or the 200 V. Even the owner of the dealership said I would be unhappy with it as a slalom boat . I loved the whole layout of it , the look of it and the fact that I thought I could course ski / family use on public lake. After demoing it my interest level went from 10 to 0. Ended up not buying either one and switch focus on buying a home on the lake. Ended up with the Prostar 2017
  • JustinJustin Posts: 77 Baller
    @LoopSki We have been in the new Prostar a few times, ski's great!
    Thats about it.
    Not much of an upgrade for room or multi sport abilities than my 95'.
  • B_SB_S Posts: 256 Crazy Baller
    @Justin any reason you're looking at the Sport 200V instead of the GS20?
  • JustinJustin Posts: 77 Baller
    @B_S From everything I've seen and heard the slalom wake on the GS is terrible, much worse than the 200V.
    But it has a much better surf and wake board wake.
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,416 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Here's a GS20 -15/34mph wake shot from PN. This is why the OP is not considering one I'm guessing?
    Scott Calderwood
  • BdeckerBdecker Posts: 316 Crazy Baller
    @Justin - we had a sport 200 onsite for the past several years. 34 mph, -28 and in with a good driver it was ok. The people that complained most about it started slower and longer than 32/ -28. The owner could run -38 behind it, but eventually sold it for a 200 DD. We no longer have to race to the site to ensure we ski on one of the direct drives.

    For what it is worth, both Sport 200’s I know of locally were sold because the owners found the compromise too great.
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