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Eagle vest or Radar Drifter Impact Vest

jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
edited December 2018 in Skis Fins Bindings
Hi Guys

Be great to get advice on a few impact/comp vests.
I'm looking to purchase my first impact/comp vest. I didn't want to spend too much, but willing to if needed.

I really like the Eagle vests, would love to own one. I'm trying to contact Masterlineusa to enquire about their ordering and returns policy, as i'm not sure what size I would be.
I feel it's easier and cheaper to go with a Radar Drifter Impact vest.
I live in Western Australia, so have limited choice unless ordering from the US with Eagle range.

Any advice would be great.



  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 628 Crazy Baller
    I’m in Melbourne and got an Eagle sent over, great so far. Light and comfortable and more buoyant than I thought it was going to be.
  • sunperchsunperch Posts: 266 Crazy Baller
    My husband had a drifter vest and it ripped before he had skied 6 sets with it - no crashes. Another member of our club had the same problem. I would definitely
    go with Eagle.
  • gyounggyoung Posts: 41 Baller
    @rockdog what did the vest end up costing you? Thinking of doing the same
  • InthedayIntheday Posts: 150 Baller
    Eagle have a pretty good size chart. They are good on returns but postage back and postage for the replacement hurts in Australia.
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,757 Mega Baller
    edited December 2018
    1. If this is your first comp vest just know that you will sit lower in the water. I love my eagle but I got a Stokes EVO 2 for public water because it has a lot more flotation.

    2. I believe most people size up with Eagle. The chart put me in a small but when I tried it on I could not breathe. Med is perfect and I don’t think it has stretched in 5 yr of use.
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 628 Crazy Baller
    @gyoung $171 USD shipped, so whatever that converts to currently - approx $235.
    I'm normally a large with everything so just bought a large, fits good. Returns would be costly, but to be honest I don't care I just took the risk (calculated & researched).
  • jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
    All the advice is awesome, Thanks.
    It really sounds like my gut feeling is to go with an Eagle vest after all and just pay the money.

    I’ve researched the size chart etc. I’m deciding either a L or XL.
    I’m a L in the chart sizing, but my waist is more towards a XL. Should I stick with a L and just breath in when I put it on? ;)

    Would I order through

  • SethroSethro Posts: 301 Solid Baller
    You can order extra flotation in the front which will snug it up just a tad if you are between sizes.
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,055 Crazy Baller
    @jenksski what @Bill22 says is right but recently, Masterline changed the sizing. I just bought my sixth eagle vest and sizes have gone up and material is stretchier at the waist.
    I wear L and when I first put them on I can barely breath and yes you sit lower in the water, but the last one I purchased is not as tight as the one I use for the past 4 years and it feels that it has more floatation (could be because it’s new).
    Also the Platinum model which is more expensive is the one that has more floatation.
    I suggest to chat with masterline before buying.
  • jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
    @skialex I’ve tried contacting masterlineusa many times via emails, their contact page and fb messenger. I get to chat to someone via fb but nothing comes of it. It’s hard to speak via phone as I’m in Western Australia.
    I’ll look into finding another store which sells Eagle vests maybe. I’ve seen the World BareFoot Centre stock Eagle.
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,757 Mega Baller
    @skialex thanks for the insight.

    @jenksski I am sure someone reading this can PM you with an Eagle contact email that is not a general sales email.

    Also try Performance, @perfski not sure if they ship overseas. [email protected]
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,055 Crazy Baller
    @jenksski if it helps, My height is 1.80m and I weight 83kg. I wear L, even the new one that is not as snag in fit, is still right, as M would have been to small for me.
    Even if I was 5kg heavier, L would still be right.
    I hope this helps.
  • jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
    @skialex this definitely helps me a lot. I’d say I’m a L too.
    @Bill22 cheers for the info.

    Found everyone’s advice and comments very helpful.

    Thanks guys
  • Chef23Chef23 Posts: 6,039 Mega Baller
    @jensski the only way I have ever had success communicating with Masterline is on the phone. I have found them not very responsive on email or other social media. I do know that Russell is on here as @mlusa i believe. I think there is a phone number on the website so give them a call if you have a question.
    Mark Shaffer
  • dislanddisland Posts: 1,423 Mega Baller
    Cant find Eagle size large in stock anywhere. Not sure why.
    Dave Island- Princeton Lakes
  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,757 Mega Baller
    Santa Clause bought all of them
  • shansen345shansen345 Posts: 181 Baller
    As much as I LOVE my Radar products (Vapor Pro, Vapor gloves, etc...), I gotta go with the Eagle vest here. That vest is just so comfortable. Be careful when ordering, though, as they run small.
  • jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
    Hope Santa visits me this year @Bill22.
    @shansen345 thanks for the tip. May just order two different sizes. It’ll be expensive first time round, but then I’ll know my size for future.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,691 Mega Baller
    edited December 2018
    Try the new 2019 Radar Vapor vest. Fits snug and comfortable. And, has just the right amount of padding. Great looking too.
    They nailed it with this vest!
    2019 Vapor Vest
  • jenksskijenksski Posts: 38 Baller
    Still undecided.
    Thanks heaps for all the advice/tips.
  • wettek69wettek69 Posts: 93 Baller
    I just bought a Radar Vapor vest over here in Australia (Queensland), really impressed with it.
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