Shopping for a used DD - Moomba Outback or MC X9

Folks, looking to get some feedback on the Slalom wake comparison between a 2012 Moomba Outback and a 2004 MC X9. Lots of other differences I know, but specifically curious about the slalom bump at various lengths. We ski open water and the course. From full length rope to 28 off. Hoping to improve the course and get to shorter lengths. Thanks!


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    I don't think you will like the X9 it's pretty big bump, I'm not sure about the Moomba. Malibu Response LXI and Sunsetter LXI are better ski boats if you are looking in the mid 2000's. If you are looking around 2012 stuff I really like the Nautique 200 (my favorite to ski behind)
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    What's your budget and space requirement (open bow for example)? Like @Ski_Dad said, there are better choices out there strictly speaking to the slalom wake.

    Scott Calderwood

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    The X9 was based on the 209, which was bigger than the 197 of that era. Neither had a very good wake at longer lines. Don't know about the Outback. If you are looking at specific examples already for sale, take the opportunity to ski and drive them before you buy.

    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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    Looking for an open bow, want to have space for the family too, so not a purebred CB ski boat. Budget is 15 - 25 K ish. I guess I was thinking staying post 2002 or so in general since 20+ years seems to be getting to be (dare I say) kind of an older boat. But I know they last a long time.
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    Understanding that I am compromising a bit on the slalom wake, I am kind of looking for the best I can get in a DD that will still serve as the family boat. Also, is the X9 the same hull as the 209 or the 197, or neither?
  • I had several X9s and I like them all for the size and space. I skied the course with at 22, 28, & 32 off and it was fine. But if your a purest and want to continue improving you'll evetualeve want a 197 or newer Prostar. Get a good price enjoy for a few years and up grade to what will then be an older new hull Prostar
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    Ski Nautique 206 would be an awesome choice for your needs.

    Scott Calderwood

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    If you need open bow and space for family the 1999-2004 Sunsetter LXI is a no compromise boat. And you can pick one up for around 20k give or take. My boys ski 15 off at 28 mph and it's great. I have friends that ski 22 and 28 off at 34-36 and it's even better.
  • I do agree the LXI is better than the X9
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,293 Mega Baller

    X7 = 197
    X9 = 209

    Other than graphics and perhaps some plumbed ballast an X9 is a 209 hull boat.

    Slalom bump wise they will have it and they will ski best faster.
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    LXi or SN 206 for sure
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    Back to the OP's original question, anybody ever skied an Outback? Can't say that I know anyone that has...
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    I skied behind an Outback, which I think was a 2010? It was fine, but had a hard rooster tail at -22, but that can be said about a number of boats. I'd be more concerned about the build quality of it (minus the power train, which essentially matched MC at the time). Interior materials were definitely below the big 3, which stands to reason being an entry-level inboard.

    Scott Calderwood

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    Go with an Outback. Solid boat and solid ski pull. I know it isn't a Maser Bu Tique but it was an AWSA approved tournament boat. It's functionality is simple and straightforward. I have an 03. I don't think the hull changed from 03-12. PM me if you want more details.
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    I owned an X9 as our first MasterCraft. It was a great family all around boat. We did every watersport behind that boat when we started out with the kids. Tons of room and the quality was amazing. When we bought a place on a lake with buoy chasers and I joined up we switched to a ProStar for the course. The slalom wake and driving the X9 in the course will not be as good as a 197.

    Is the Outback a V drive? If that was the case I would for sure pic the X9

    Overall my recommendation would be to pick a X7/197, Bu lXi, or SN 206.
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    I have an outback and it skis great, has been a reliable boat, the 2012 model should be a lot nicer than mine
    Terry winter was sponsored by moomba years ago I believe, and ran into 41 with it

    Slower speed are bigger wakes for sure, but average guy shorter lines are fine
    Honestly you can't go wrong with an outback.
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    +1 for the Outback, assuming the price is right. No frills, reasonably nice wake, even at slower speeds. I skied behind a couple of them for years with a family-oriented club, ran my first -32 behind one. My only (minor) complaint was driving it for strong skiers; it didn't track easily, but you get used to it.
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    My boat that I've had since 08 is an 07 Moomba LS. It is a direct drive but it is bigger than the Outback. So the Outback would be an even better ski boat. Yes, I give up a bit on the wake but it is very skiable and I have skied it into 32 off. I'm sure you could ski an even shorter line but I'm not that good. I love it as a family boat! I doubt I'll ever get a different boat.
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    I would think most people on this site have never skied behind a Moomba. I have owned a 2005 Outback since it was new and have 1200 hours on it and never a problem. Paid a little more than half of the cost for the big name boats. Same engine and transmission as Mastercraft and Malibu (at least in 2005). The wakes are as good as any other. I ski at various lakes and tournaments and have skied behind all of the big name brands: Centurion Carbon Pro, Mastercraft, Nautique, Malibu. I don't feel the wakes on any of those is any better than the Moomba. Our club boat (Nautique) broke down two years ago so I took my Moomba to the lake and all of the skiers loved it. They were surprised.
    NOTE: Someone above mentioned that the tracking is a little looser compared to other boats. I noticed that on mine as well but there is a thread on BOS that shows how to file one side of the rudder to keep the steering wheel tight. I did that and now it steers/tracks great.
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    +1 for the outback if a good price. Have not skied behind a 2012 model, but had a 2000 outback and it was a nice simple boat. Wake was really nice and actually miss it after going to a MC 197. I liked the more maintenance free interior of the moomba. sure the MC interior will look nicer, but more seams for pattern in the vinyl is not always a good thing in regards to repair. So with that said outback over the x9.
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    I had a 2012 outback up to last year. I agree with what @wtrskier197 says. Great family boat, little higher off water in the bow for less advanced drivers (waves). I shaved the rudder on mine and could have likely taken more off but it made a difference for sure. I'd say that is a must if you are skiing the course. We found the wake skied as good as my friends Malibu response lxi 07.
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    I was looking around the same budget and requirements as you a few years back. I ended up with a 2006 nautique 206. I was between that and an LXI. Really came down to what was available in good condition. I'm very happy with the 206, for slalom and cruising.

    Never saw or test skied the outback, so it fell off my radar.
  • FraserFraser Posts: 43 Baller
    The nautique's wake is softer than the Outback for sure. A friend had a 2004 and I preferred the wake and driving vs the Outback. I would go that route if I was in the same place of looking at those types of boats again.
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    I have an '03 SN 206 for sale in Ohio
    2016 Ski Nautique 200 OB 2016 Radar Vapor 69.5"
    Skiing in the Dad Bod Division
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