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No "Hot Summer Nights" - we get this instead

MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,850 Mega Baller
There is no justice. Water skiing is no longer broadcast, but we have this:

It's a fun game to play for sure, but I just don't see the spectator attraction.

I'm afraid to search the listings for horseshoes. It would be too disheartening.
The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.


  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,539 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    To spectate a waterski event do you go to a place where there is a ton of parking and it is acceptable to drink your weight in beer and brats? I suspect cornhole tournament is much like a st paul saints game - almost nobody actually watches the game.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • WishWish Posts: 8,045 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★

    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • slowslow Posts: 381 Solid Baller
    I dont know anyone that doesn’t waterski that wants too watch watersking
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,539 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    I like to waterski, but watching it is like watching paint dry - without the satisfaction of a freshly painted room when you are done.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,850 Mega Baller
    How did they get 15,000 people at that 1982 Shreveport tournament, then? Were they all skiers? If nobody likes to watch it, what was their incentive?
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,850 Mega Baller
    @Horton, that all makes sense. However, I'm just not connecting how cornhole and break dancing have risen to the extreme sport ranking.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 713 Mega Baller
    Looks like Cornhole has sponsors. Sponsors outside of the 'corn hole equipment' industry. I remember when there was a major beverage and automaker supporting the waterski tour and taking the sport to locations where the public would congregate. Was there water perfect? Heck no. Were the crowds and atmosphere better?
    Only @Edbrazil probably remembers.

    Of course as @Horton pointed out skiing isn't as popular or consider mainstream...... now people will sit at home and channel surf or watch YouTube vids --- before they will actually attend a live semi-extreme sporting event. These days even NASCAR and Golf are hurting in the attendance departments, of course Golf has huge sponsors. NASCAR is trying to re-invent itself
  • HortonHorton Posts: 29,095 Administrator
    you guys should also understand that often the promoter sells the advertising and then pays ESPN for the broadcast. So ESPN broadcasts whatever they are paid to broadcast.


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  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,589 Mega Baller
    @RAWSki lots of us remember: Packed city parks, cheap beer, Hawaiian Tropic girls/hooters girls,Shreveport casino girls, sun, neon, big hair, short shorts, no cell phones, travel agents....
    I was making fun of a cornhole tournament with my son, then we watched until the end :)
    I don't last more than 2 skiers into a webcast.
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • JASJAS Posts: 291 Crazy Baller
    It was a time when we all had dreams of buying a new ski boat and being part if the sport. Boat companies wanted all of us. With the cost of new boats I quit dreaming years ago. Like Horton said, a different time.
  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,225 Mega Baller
    Leigh , the 80's were not kind to your mind if you watched a cornhole tournament to the end.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,736 Mega Baller
    Hey, I just built a corn hole game for our ski lake. Really!
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • waterskicoreywaterskicorey Posts: 139 Baller
    I didn’t even know what “cornhole” was until I Googled it, you have got to be kidding me, people actually watch other people playing this? What has this world come to. But I also do not understand how people like watching people play video games either.
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,589 Mega Baller
    Cornhole has seen part of our tournaments for about 6 yrs now.
    You should see these pros: curves, blocks, triples
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • E_TE_T Posts: 625 extraterrestrial trouble maker
    If you want people to come to a tournament. Do a night jump. There’s nothing more entertaining in our sport.
    E.T. phone home!
    I like reese's pieces

    "Leave nothing on the dock"~AM
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,399 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but weren't all those pro tour stops on public water? I'd think, if you want public attendance, that would be a prerequisite? The Malibu Open here in WI still seems to draw.
    Scott Calderwood
  • mfjaegersrmfjaegersr Posts: 206 Solid Baller
    Cornhole: because nothing represents masculinity better than trading in your iron horseshoes for....bean bags. Friggin’ tossers...

    The ACL championship game? The Super Hole.
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,589 Mega Baller
    The last webcast I tried to watch was a live shot of a jump ramp for about 20 minutes before I gave up
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • MISkierMISkier Posts: 2,850 Mega Baller
    edited February 2019
    @Drago, that is a webcast, not a commercial broadcast, which is what I am asking about. A commercial broadcast would have active, multi-camera production controlled by a director and features, such as flashbacks, backstories and other filler, during a lull in the action. Even back in the day, they at least panned through the crowd and did replays. And, it was post-edited, rather than live. We all asked for live webcast. That is one of the drawbacks - nobody is stitching the show together to meet our immediate gratification or compensate for our ADHD.

    Someone setting up a camera on a fixed point is different than actively producing a broadcast.

    I thought the Nationals webcast tried to incorporate some of these things and did some things well, but it still can’t quite match the commercial equivalent. And, it’s even harder if you want live coverage.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,589 Mega Baller
    That's redefining ADHD: Not willing to watch a computer screen with a picture of a ramp and little waves lapping by.
    I know what it was back then.Watchable.
    As Horton said, anything can be on espn today. Merely produce the show and buy the slot. It would be charity, and I don't think it would help "grow the sport" one bit.
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • swc5150swc5150 Posts: 2,399 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Thinking more on this, Coors was a big sponsor of "hot Tuesday nights) of course. Here in WI, if you can buy beer, park a lawn chair and be even somewhat entertained, the people will come. Maybe that's why water ski shows are still popular here (even though they're primarily BYOB)? Seems as though there's a seed here to grow 3 event again? Skiers would just have to forgo the glass water of their private setting.
    Scott Calderwood
  • DWDW Posts: 2,151 Mega Baller
    Well at least in cornhole you have to aim and actually do something to hit a target. Poker broadcast on a sports channel does not strike me as a 'sport'. Then again, maybe one reason ESPN has endured a significant ratings dip.
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,626 Mega Baller
    I love watching top level poker with a really expert announcer BUT that is clearly not a sport. Brilliantly designed game: Yes. Sport: No.
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,225 Mega Baller
    I think you can produce a pretty good show from a tournament, and get sponsors, and not lose money. The show will be nowhere close to live, but it would be a start...or restart as it may be. We already broadcast a bunch of tournaments, so the action is already on film. It just takes the fillers, and sponsors to fill in the slack time. It needs to be heavily edited.
    If cornhole can actually make makes no sense. I truly don't believe that ANYONE would rather watch cornhole than waterskiing.
  • BMG73BMG73 Posts: 37 Baller
    I think TV as we know it- is slowly going away. Everything will be downloaded. My niece (8) stayed with us a while back. We have Directv. She was going crazy with commercials. She said “Why are there so many ads?” They only watch Netflix and amazon.
  • DWDW Posts: 2,151 Mega Baller
    @BMG73: Watch a European sports broadcast sometime (ESPN F1 races in the US are a Euro stream), no commercials during the event. Super refreshing to watch that way, your daughter is spot on, the US television model needs a major change to remain competitive.
    Note- the F1 race commercial free broadcast morphed to that because ESPN was too cheap to hire a crew, then basically the entire audience complained about the broadcast and a sponsor stepped in, so not really done voluntarily.
  • DangerBoyDangerBoy Posts: 349 Crazy Baller
    edited February 2019
    Umm, please excuse my ignorance but what the heck is Cornhole? :# I'm guessing/hoping it's some sort of sport or game but how is it played?
    I can take anything apart
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