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Line tension measurement

sailworkssailworks Posts: 30 Baller
I see again this year that on coverage Swiss Pro - there is device that measures line tension. I have been trying for some time to find a "workable" strain gauge that we can use in boat to measure / record line tension, but not too successful. To the extent that many of us try to understand and emulate what we see (video etc) the more accomplished skier do, it has certainly occurred to me that knowing how much tension (and where in course that tension develops) could be "enlightening" when comparing what us mortals can and do generate vs the more accomplished skiers that we see as technical "role models". So question: does someone know about the device they are using at Swiss Pro?; available to public?; or alternative?
I know there was a strain gauge that crew making "West Coast Slalom" used, but can't seem to find out about that either:(


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