IWWF rule changes

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Can someone explain the process for IWWF rule changes. who votes? How many votes do each country get? Does the US get more votes because we have more skiers?
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    I cannot answer the questions, but the IWWF Tournament Council makes and amends the rules. I don't know how this Council is selected, but many countries are represented on it. Bob Corson is co-chairman. His email address is on IWWF's website, and I'll bet he can tell you what you want to know. @klindy and @LeonL, regulars on this forum, also can probably answer your questions. Jeffry Armstrong from the South Central Region (Mississippi) is also active on an IWWF committee. IWWF's organizational chart appears quite similar to AWSA's.
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    From IWWF's website:

    The IWWF Waterski Council (TC) has 10 members, 3 from each confederation plus one athlete representative. The Chairman is elected by the council every 2 years. The Confederation members are elected by their respective Confederations by their congress or Federation. Each Confederation has slightly different procedures.

    The minutes of the Council Meeting of August 20 in Malaysia are also on the IWWF website - including the somewhat controversial (in the U.S. at least) rule change reducing the 45+ women max slalom speed.
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