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Intuition Liners and Reflex Bindings

Mark PoppletonMark Poppleton Posts: 10 Baller
edited November 2019 in Skis Fins Bindings
I was wondering if the Intuition Liners fit and work in the Reflex Bindings. I am using a Reflex front Hardshell and rear R style set up. The Reflex liners are not great. Does anyone have any insight into the compatibility of Intuition Liner and the Reflex setup? I believe Performance sells a Radar liner that is made by Intuition, will these liners work?


  • DavidNDavidN Posts: 364 Crazy Baller
    Intuition Aqua liners will fit and work well in Reflex hardshell bindings.
  • BCMBCM Posts: 234 Baller
    I am currently running this liner in my Reflex Supershell. I know a few folks running the same liner in the white and black cuff boots. I am using a reflex liner in my trick boot. I find the wrap around tongue to work better, more comfortable and I believe longer lasting.
  • mfjaegersrmfjaegersr Posts: 204 Solid Baller
    That’s not a good combination for larger feet; my 13 couldn't fit in the large white cuff with an Intuition. Reflex thin liner is about the/my only choice, though the addition of Superfeet insoles is a huge improvement.
  • epnaultepnault Posts: 335 Crazy Baller
    Yes - use them and love them. Make sure you go through the molding process if you are on the edge of the foot size. I have size 13 foot in most shoes and boots and baking the intuition liners in the oven for formed fit worked for me.
    Pat M
  • DeanoskiDeanoski Posts: 905 Crazy Baller
    The Intuition aqua liner is thicker then the Reflex thin liner.
    Pat M
  • mmosley899mmosley899 Posts: 644 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @Mark Poppleton the Intuition Aqua liner works great with most hardshell boots, it is thicker than the Reflex liner. Heat molding makes a great fit. The Radar liners will not work well with the hardshell boots.
    Mike's Overall Binding
    Sweet Home Alabama Skiing
    Senior Judge, Senior Driver, Tech Controller
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