AWSA 1990 Ski Brendella evaluation

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    My college ski team had 2 of these. I have tons of fun memories in these boats! Base price at 16K looks great too!
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    Here was mine but open bow. So many great memories.

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    First time I ever ran the course was at Dee's Ski School behind one of those. Wow, cool to see one again.
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    Here is the 1993 SB Shortline Review from 1993 WS Magazine.

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    Have one in So Cal that will get cleaned up and put on the market soon. Got it for my kids , but they don’t use it. Great boats for that era.
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    Was/is one of my fav’ boats. There was a nice looking one owner for sale last year from eastern MA on Skiitagain. Somebody gotta good one.
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    Wow Nice looking and well preserved. Love seeing those well cared for ski-craft From the era CC. MC. Brenda"s Centurions and Malibus can hold up well. Harder to find...... Supra. American Skier, Supreme but they exist!
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    My 89 will be for sale soon. 1004 hours, with or without Stargazer PP, digital GPS speedometer, good interior, new prop, decent trailer. Runs great, sounds bad ass...Reasonable...
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    @immikerowley that's a great looking boat ! thanks for the interior pics as we're planning Dr. Jack's redo at the moment
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    @RichardDoane thanks, happy with the ol girl. I had some carb issues which have now settled down and she is running like a beaut. ill check if i have more interior pics and send to you if it helps.
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    @immikerowley more interior picks would help me as well. I'm restoring an 89 Brendella and none of the seating/trim is original. Your pics have been helpful so far, especially the gunnel upholstery.
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    My 89 is original other than the observers seat cushion...what pics would you like?
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    Looked at the $16,550 list price and calculated in todays dollars, it would be $34,500. That would be a true bargain in today's market.
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    Here's my 1990 Brendella Spectrum
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    Here is our 1990 Brendella that is for sale. Has lived at this lake it’s whole life. Started as a promo , we are the third owners. Bought it for my kids , but they just don’t use it. Just under 1200 hours on the Ford 351 engine , original interior is in good shape , perfect pass . Pre Covid pricing. Located in Arvin Ca.

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    One of my ski buddies has a 92 that is showroom. Gorgeous. I love skiing behind it. Small boats but really fun and look fabulous . Way cool boats
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    Brendella was a big supporter of competitve skiing in NH back in the nineties, with lots of promo boats at the tournaments. I drove and skied many at these events, and they had a great boat for an affordable price.
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    Have many sets behind my ski partner's 1989.
    Fun boat, very good pull with PP.
    Had to stop skiing it due to wood stringer issues.
    Anyone ever tackled the job of installing new stringers?
    I know it is no small task, but the boat was running so good, and near perfect times. And, the nostalgia.
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