PRO COACH: Brooke Baldwin & Allie Nicholson - FPM Podcast #8

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Something new on FPM, this is part 1 of a new series where MB and Matteo breakdown the technique and movements of some of the best skiers in the world. Here we take a look at two of the best women's skiers, Brooke Baldwin and Allie Nicholson. This episode was originally filmed as a joint FPM + TWSP episode, but due to the visual nature of the video analysis, we decided to release it here only. Big thanks to Matteo for sitting down with MB, as well as The Water Ski Broadcasting Company for the killer coverage all year. ALSO, sorry about the audio quality on MB's voice...the main microphone died part way into the discussion, so the backup microphone is all we were able to capture.... :(

Coming next week, in Part 2, we will look at 2 mens skiers - Cole McCormick and Freddie Winter.

Show Notes:

Brooke Baldwin - Touch skier

What she does good:
-Reaching low, and how that actually helps her
-front to back weight transfer = efficient tail smear move at shortline skiing
What could she do better:
-Better timing into onside upswing….pulls too long into 1,3,5…loose line at finish
Most memorable moment: youngest women to ever run 10.75m pass

Allie Nicholson - Hard worker, never gives up

What she does good:
Matteo -
-transition timing is consistent…
Marcus -
-ability to always land back on ski, in Athletic Stance, for acceleration when the rope comes tight
-Doesn’t Compress through the transition
What could she do better:
-pulls too long....carries far too much momentum into the next buoy
Most memorable moment:
-Collegiate nationals, injured but still determined. Skied for her team

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    Shut up and ski
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    After watching the Allie 38 off, I think that it was just a bad 1 ball and the rest of the pass is the result of it. It’s awesome that she stuck with it and ran it. When you get late like that you tend to increase your speed and slowing down at the ball is harder. I watch her ski a lot and she is much more smoother then that.
    Shut up and ski
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