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What are these Slalom Times buttons

Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 57 Baller
Bought this 1994 Tige SLM Comp Used. Perfect pass 6.3 Single line display was not working (bad buttons) scored a new single line display and the OG PP working Great. Trying to figure out what these buttons supposed to do. They are not plugged into anything either? What is this "Slalom Times" Pad array?


  • Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 57 Baller
    Not sure but a chance this was just info graphic and the buttons were added later for something else, Satalite radio or soething... I see under the flange of the buttons the word record... But then again, the button array pad can be wiggled to expose the word record...
  • WayneWayne Posts: 564 Crazy Baller
    The slalom times is just a graphic, I’ve seen it on other boats from that era. The key pad next to the times looks like it used to have some sort of cover that was once glued over it noting what the buttons did. Trace the wires and you will have an answer.

    I have no clue what that thing is in the first picture.
  • Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 57 Baller
    Thanks @Wayne that is what I was thinking. Just coincidence the buttons align up with the times. It is un pluged from god knows what (showing plug end in pic). Had a 1990s era Satelite stereo I think it was related to. I want to relocate a new bluetooth stereo headunit in the location rather than in the glove box.
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 806 Mega Baller
    This could a Tige version of the old Centurion 'acc u timer', since they were sister boats.
    The timer was for the course you would put in the speed you were running then had to hit a start button when the boat hit the entry gates, from that point the device would sound a tone at every boat gate and a different tone at the end gate. It would give you an idea if you were close to the actual desired speed.
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