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Good Afternoon! I'm a 60 y.o. grandma who's been on a slalom for 50 years and don't want to quit anytime soon! I am original owner of a 96 Gekko GTS 20 which I LOVE and has been incredibly reliable for every one of its 25 years. Skiing on an Obrien Impulse that is almost as old as the Gekko. I've slowed down from 34 to about 30 since I don't get out as often as I'd like. I hope to catch up on some recommendations to keep me skiing. First objective is to transition to a new ski that accommodates my dwindling strength and balance but still lets me feel like I can carve like the old days. No competition in my future, just the joy of being on the water. Hope some of you have some insight!


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    Welcome to BOS!
    My ski finish in 16.95 ...but my ass is out of tolerance!
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    Welcome @Reddley !
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    Come to right place!

    I'd recommend a Radar Union, Katana, or Butterknife. A year ago my wife got a Butterknife to keep boat speed lower since she now skis less and isn't chasing buoys. It's much wider and softer than most traditional skis which helps on starts but will also flex in the turn without feeling like a plank. I think there is a video of this site's owner on a Katana which is almost as wide as a butterknife getting up the rope pretty good. Hard to go wrong with the current skis available.
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    Many thanks! Very helpful!
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    @Reddley One thing you should know up front, awards and cudos are given out anytime you can poke fun at @Horton
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    My shirts say "Old Guys Rule", but 60 yr old skiing grandmas will put us Old Guys in our place every day of the week. Wish you were closer to WA so you could attend a Wednesday Night feast with our crew!! Welcome to BOS.
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    Welcome @Reddley. Enjoy!
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    I read this and thought "wow, that is cool!" Then I realized my wife will be 60 in October, has been skiing since she was 10 and still loves it to this day. She is a breast cancer survivor, skis 3-4 times/week in the summer, dons a wetsuit in the fall and goes as long as she can in the cooler months. We freeski and hit the course a few times a month on public water. She doesn't ski the course, but drives it. We have an old boat as well, '92 MC 205 w/ perfect pass. A few years ago, she got a Radar Butterknife for the reasons you mentioned getting a new ski and loves it. It is no longer in production but the Session (I think) took its place. I see @mike_mapple has reached out to you - follow his advice and you'll find a ski you love. And yes, you will love it more than your old Impulse.
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    Kick ass...welcome.
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    @mike_mapple and gang at Performance will hook you up for sure! You’re definitely due to upgrade:)

    Welcome and beware of the Panda!
    Scott Calderwood
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