boot fixing holes in wrong place

I have a Connelly Concept ski with a rear toe fixing but no front boot. I have bought a Connelly Nova boot but the fixing holes are in the wrong place to match the holes in the boot plate. My boot is small/medium and the holes look ready for a very large foot plate. Any ideas? is there a large metal plate I could screw my boot to, then screw plate to ski? I am in the UK thanks, Po


  • chrislandychrislandy Posts: 277 Solid Baller
    you can get G10 plate off a well known auction site or a sheet of 3mm ali then drill it to suit, the 300x150mm worked for me.

    Just make sure you drill it so the front boot is the correct measurement to the tail (see their website for details if possible)
  • PorigbyPorigby Posts: 3
    Thank you. Chris. I’ll do that Po
  • papp101papp101 Posts: 36 New Baller
    I did this with my Connelly F1X- I searched and bought a cheap Connolly ski that had the same front plate, took off that boot and mounted by radar boot to it, again checking the stock settings.

    The used ski was tiny and a 62", but the plate fit. Pm me for more details if you like.
  • PorigbyPorigby Posts: 3
    Thanks papp101 I have seen one on eBay and wondered if it would be long enough, I'll try to find out. Thanks Po
  • papp101papp101 Posts: 36 New Baller
    Here's my thread on making that plate. I believe they are standard regardless of ski size from that era.
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