The Waterski Bachelorette, what it is, and how its going

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Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to McClintock's Ski School about possibly doing a partnership with We Love College Waterski and doing a fun contest to try and drive ski-centered fun during the cold winter months. They responded enthusiastically, and connected me with Radar about joining in on the fun. Soon after, Denali came on board and we decided to put on a 2 month long "Waterski Bachelorette" contest. It is almost over and I just wanted to share how its been going as the last week comes up.

The goal: Create more personality based waterski content where skiers share their experiences with their followers, and show off 3-event waterskiing

The Incentive: Radar generously donated ski essentials to the program, promising gloves, a vest, a rope, and handle to the winners. McClintock's offered virtual coaching, and Denali made shotskis. They were all incredibly generous with their offerings for prizes. When I reached out, I expected maybe some stickers or koozies if I got a response and they all came back with amazing prizes.

The Content: 10 contestants from around the country have submitted 38 Instagram Reels (minute long videos) through their personal or team instagram pages. Each week the Bachelorette creates a recap video awarding Reel of the week, and eliminating one or two contestants and giving the prompt for the next week. -- 44 total videos

Reach: As of posting, these videos have a total of 89k views over the past 7 weeks.

Moving Forward:From what I have heard, these videos are reaching large and diverse groups of people. I have had a few groups say that they found WLCW through those videos, and while its not as fun when an energy drink company reaches out, I am hopeful that these videos have reached people who aren't skiers or are potentially interested in learning to slalom, or maybe jump on a trick ski. If just one person sees these videos and decides to try something new on the water I'd call the Waterski Bachelorette a massive success.

If you have any thoughts on it, I'd love to hear your feedback

This Week's Recap:
Link to the WLCW Instagram Page, you can see all of the Waterski Bachelorette Videos under the "Bachelorette" Bubble at the top of the page:
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    Final update on the Waterski Bachelorette, the contest ended last night, and Daniel from Nebraska won it all!

    Since last week another the last four videos have generated another 5,000 views for skiing based content. I had fun with this, and I'm hoping that anyone who followed along also had a good time, and even better someone in that 94,000 views discovered it and looks into getting on the water!
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    @jgills88 love the initiative and enthusiasm!! Congrats!
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    @tjm thanks!
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