Need Help Shopping for a New(used) Boat.

Slalom skiing is the main reason I own a boat. My kids and I free ski on public water but still have friends that wakeskate, wake board, tube, surf, etc. All the lake life activities. If I could pick an ideal boat (with my limited knowledge) I would love to have a 1999-2004 Malibu Sunsetter LXI. Great hull for slalom but still a bigger boat for all the non-morning people! BUT I don't really want another 20 year old boat with 800+ hours on it. I want less side spray, better wake and more room than my 2000 Calabria Laguna. So, any recommendations for boats I should be searching for that are 10-12 years old? Thanks in advance for your input!


  • chrislandychrislandy Posts: 387 Crazy Baller
    2010 Nautique 200 with tower and back seats would be a good find, lots of storage, fair size internally, depending on budget I'd push for a 2014 ProStar (first of the newer shape) if you can find one at the right price - absolutely massive inside, is surfable (for a ski boat) and will see you though for 10 years or so
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,341 Mega Baller
    Just be careful with a 14 if at altitude you might get one with the earlier transmission and be a bit struggle bus if you're much above sea level
  • MT_SKI_MTMT_SKI_MT Posts: 2
    Yes, we generally ski on a lake above 6000 ft.
    Any thoughts on the Response FXI?
  • buechsrbuechsr Posts: 214 Baller
    Good luck finding an fxi. I think the era sunsetter lxi you refer to is unicorn for your needs. I've owned 2 of those. Great boats and don't let hours scare you. At worst, new long block is cheap and easy to replace. No one has mentioned VTX yet, but as long as you're looking for the first iteration, will slalom decently. Same hull as the Fxi. I really don't see the appeal in the fxi compared to older sunsetter lxis. Might look for response lxis too.
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