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I have skied in tournaments and practice behind most 196's, 200's and new Ski Nautique, MC 2017 and 2021 skiing 22-35off I have no complaints driving either. How are the wakes and driving of a 2020 TXI? I Love the look of a closed bow


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    The TXI skis great. If looking to buy I would be more worries how it tracks and drives.
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    Agreed, it skis pretty well at 34.2. Tracking is a bar of soap compared to a 200 but still generally ok, perhaps that's a bad comparison. Fundamentally the hull seems to have a lot of lift and you can feel that.
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    It's not a bad driving boat - nothing is going to track like a 200. The 200 almost tracks too well where it starts to feel numb as the skier moves out to the buoy. The new TXI hull has a lot of width through the nose which changes the way it drives, but something you can get used to.

    The TXI is sensitive to fuel, so the wake is pretty bad if you throw 40 gallons of fuel in the thing but keep it at 65% or less and the slalom wake is great.
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    I think all boats are sensitive to the amount of fuel onboard......

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    @bananaron Some hulls are more sensitive than others. The new ProStar has a 30 gallon tank and the fuel level doesn't seem to affect the wake much at 34 and 36mph. The new Ski Nautique has a 29 gallon tank and supposedly drives much better with a full tank and looses its tracking as the tank gets empty. It is also very sensitive to weight placement on the passengers side. The Malibu TXI has a 40 gallon tank (10 more gallons than it's competitors) and is extremely sensitive to fuel level.
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    @bananaron, @Broussard Fuel is not a problem. I live on a private lake my boat never sees more than 10 gallons. I just was asking how the boat drives and skis
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    @TEL personal best and world record capable. Beyond that, it's preference.
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    @TEL if you are looking for something a new boat you maybe disappointed with a TXI compared to a 196 or 200. I would test drive and ski and before.
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    @dave2ball I like my 08 196 but as the hours are clicking by it's getting time to look for a new boat. I live on a private lake, I want a closed bow boat I hate the flip up jump seats. I like the room inside of my 196. When we go out skiing three go out so we are laying ski equipment on the floor and can walk around without stepping on it. That leaves out the older 200's and new Ski Nautique. New 200 only comes open bow. The MC I like but again damn jump seat. MC make a closed bow boat. The TXI has room and a closed bow. Just not skied or driven one
    If I am going to spend the money I want what works for me. Come on MasterCraft build a closed bow
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    I continue to believe specific boat set up matters. We have run into a new Malibu at tourneys that virtually every junior skier complains about but the same kids liked the wake on the Malibu's at regionals this last week. Same with specific Nautiques and Mastercrafts. Props, weight distribution, gas, and a properly set hydrogate on the nautiques, all impact the wake and tracking. Also, I have come to learn than minor damage or factory misalignment on any one of the tracking fins can really impact the weight and tracking stability. If the wake on the new boat you are skiing behind really sucks there is probably a correctable reason.
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    The TXi is a great driving and skiing boat when set up properly...and you actually have some leg room as opposed to the 200. The wake is a little bit harder at 22 off then the other two boats but that's about the only complaint I've got on it.

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    @TEL i have heard of a CB TXI but have not actually seen one. Good luck tracking one down.
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    @dave2ball there is actually a used CB TXi for sale at Silver Spray sports in Michigan.
    and @TEL MC does make a closed bow, order the bow cover and no front seating and you have great ski stroage with racks and the largest observer seating out there, who cares if part of the seat back folds down??
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    Ski-it-again 2020 TXI CB in CO
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    @teammalibu you know if the hull for 2023 is the same?
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    I don’t know about any changes to the hull but the 22 TXI we have had at our last two tourneys is Awsome!
    Tracks like its on a rail tons of power
    with the 6.2 and skis great!
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
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