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I was wondering what are the most popular and sought after vintage water ski's for collectors to collect.


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    In seeing peoples collections, I think it is just a personal preference. Some collectors have a billion skis, I think just to have a billion skis, without them necessarily being special. I think pretty much universally highly regarded ski are the old, finely crafted, multi-wood Maharajas, They always seem to bring a premium price in the few hundred dollar range on up. Obrien had some nice wooden skis, as well. Another one you see frequently are the old Dick Pope Jr. wood skis with the orange and yellow graphic.They can be had for cheap as there are millions of them out there. I know I've got one on my wall.

    I think what a lot of people look for is old skis they grew up with that have sentimental value, that they lost somewhere along the way, but would like to replicate. I know that was my case with my first two skis, (see photo) a Northland Custom Slalom and the ever popular (there must be a billion of them out there) silver green and blue Obrien World Team Comp. They can be had for cheap as there are millions of them out there.

    One ski that a lot of people seem to like, I always wanted one in the 80s but they were pricey, so I never got one until a couple years ago is the Obrien Competitor. A lot of us thought that was a skier spray in the graphic but I learned only recently (around when I got it) that it is actually the tree line of Lake Sammamish where Herb Obrien designed and tested skis.

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    Any of them. Not really worth much.

    I would say unless it's your ski or your dads ski value is mostly how cosmetic the ski. Really cool wood skis worth something. The old metal slider binders with mechanical bits cool.

    Anything else is worth about 20 bucks
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    In general, wood skis that are unique in elaborate wood work or name/graphics. I have wood "Challengers" with a black knights riding a horses holding a javelin. Another ski is named "Grand Banana". I have a "Ski Skat" and a pair of "Dog Bones" which are wild lookn mini skis by Cyprus Gardens as well as other unique skis. I have a pair of KGlass skis (first ever mass produced fiberglass skis) that my family used for decades. As mentioned's all in personal taste and what looks cool to you to collect. Skis are worth what someone is willing to pay and not a penny more.
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    There is at least one Vintage Ski site on Facebook. You should check it out. I agree that for skiers, its usually about sentimetality, or you just like the looks. I suppose some of the really early skis have some value. But, where I see the highest prices is in the Antique stores and "home decor shops." Here in Tahoe, I see combo skis from the 60s that are worth maybe $5 at a garage sale, going for $300, $400, $500 bucks at the home decor shops. Wealthy peeps want to decorate their multi-million dollar "cabins"
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    Take an old Maha or find a Hexel and get it signed by KLP. Take an original CDX-1, get it signed by Wade. Now your talking keepers for the wall . Like getting Carroll Shelby or Zora to sign your dash . Definitely moves the value needle.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,284 Mega Baller
    @MDB1056 unfortunately I think the vintage of people who really want signed skis is also wearing on.
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,098 Mega Baller
    @BraceMaker - yep unfortunately so as well. Personal wall art only. Old guys rule……
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    Personally, I think there are some beautiful Terry, O’Brien and Connelly skis out there with very nice woodwork. The problem is that just about every old wood ski that was skied on has at least one handle ding.
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    The wood Connelly Hook was beautiful and skied nice too. An usual one I haven't seen in years is a Taperflex wood that was brought out after their formica ski to compete with the Hook.
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    Old skis are like old golf clubs, pretty much worthless. I’d like to find a 1992/93 Jobe 1600 because it was my first comp ski. I’d like to have one of each of the beautiful wood inlay skis: Connelly Comp or Hook, O’Brien Competitor, Terry, and Wiley.
    So, sentimental, then the pretty ones. I’m not paying much over 50 bucks for any of them. Anything around $100 would be an impulse buy or drunk
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    Years ago there was a guy in Winter Haven who made beautiful swings and chairs out of old Cypress Gardens skis. They were pretty common but I haven’t seen one in a long time.
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    What I am in the hunt for is and old Murdoch Wood Slalom ski, if anyone happens to come across one.
  • woodenwallwoodenwall Posts: 6 New Baller
    Also looking for a wooden Maha 360
  • woodenwallwoodenwall Posts: 6 New Baller
    Also take a look on the website under vintage ski's if you want an eye opener. Fiberglass Maha 360 and they are asking 4 Grand-- Maha 2001 Glass $3500.00
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    @woodenwall that's not an eye opener.
    If you are looking for one guess you found it.

    Not sure who would buy that for 4k. Search for that shows sales of similar skis for 1 or 200 bucks.

    But ya know markets vary I have a matched set of 28 gauge shotguns the mfg wants 20K for used. That's absurd IMO but they can ask what they want.

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