Discontinued??? Nautique Super Air GS20

utahslalomutahslalom Posts: 19 Baller
My brother in-law and I have been talking about crossover boats and he just noticed that Nautique does not have the GS20 listed on their website for 2023. Can anyone confirm? I personally feel the VTX and the GS20 have been the top choices for crossover boats. It would be sad to see Nautique exiting the crossover market.


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    Funny I was only just looking at that myself.
    Seems to be the new malibu Vtx is the only crossover boat now. The nxt20 although the same size as the prostar isn’t really a skiable boat for slalom. I’m in the opinion that a true crossover is impossible. You can get a ok wake boat that can’t ski or an ok ski boat that can’t surf / wake well.
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    @utahslalom Nautique discontinued the GS line for 2023.
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    I don’t think crossover boats are practical now that surfing has become so dominant. When it was mainly skiing and wakeboarding you could bridge the gap with weight in the form of ballast. Now modern boats in both disciplines are relying on very specific hull designs. Sure you can throw a bunch of weight and a shaper on a ski boat and “surf”. But compared to a modern surf boat that would be about the same as telling a course skier they should be happy running the course using an I/O.

    I gave up on the notion of a crossover long ago. If you want to ski the course and surf at a descent level. The practical option is 2 boats.
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    I think there are many skiers like me that don’t have access to a course and just need a boat that can ski well on the open water while also giving more room for the family due to an increased beam and freeboard. And if a boat like this can also produce a decent wake for beginner/intermediate surfers, then great. I consider myself lucky to own an RFXi and find that it is the perfect crossover boat for my family of six. It’s just sad to hear that there are fewer and fewer crossover boats in production.
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    Mastercraft’s XT line is supposed to be a crossover boat. Few years back they had some promo shots of skiing behind an xt21 or xt22.

    No direct skiing experience so can’t comment on wake quality.
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    I helped a long time family friend buy a "general use" boat 2 years ago to go with their new lake house. We ended up settling on an XT22. We are over there using the boat fairly often so I have first hand knowledge of how it performs. It surfs pretty well, and the ski wake is acceptable for recreational skiing if you're not very picky.

    I should set some context for my earlier post in this thread. Since this site is very slalom specific, and the majority of people here do ski the course, that was the context for my earlier statement. A lot of people here when they talk about crossover, they are looking for a boat like the Sunsetter LXI, which is certainly slalom course capable. I don't think a crossover boat that is slalom course capable and can surf at a reasonable level is practical.
  • I have the 2018 VTX and it’s been great for the family. I was going to order the gs22 this year and saw they are not doing. I heard that it might be a mid year production. I hope so.

  • Ronny61Ronny61 Posts: 49 Baller

    We get an awesome surf wave with our 2000 SS LXI and with the custom ballast system I installed it's only 10 minute set up time

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    One of the guys I ski with bought a GS22 this year and another ski buddy planned to order the GS20. The dealer said there will be a few changes for 2023 and it still hasnt been released, but it coming.

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    I own a 2017 6 litre 200 for skiing the private lake course and a 2017 GS20 for surfing/family use. I had a space requirement so I bought the GS20. The GS20 has 695 hours. My kids and I use the boat a lot.

    The GS20 works great for surfing. I have friends with other Nautiques, MCs, whatever and the GS20 surfs the same. Exact same wake and feel.

    If you are a course skier beyond 15 off the GS20 slalom wake is horrible. Don't even bother.

    It's disappointing that moving forward they're only going to make huge boats that are hard to trailer and keep on a lift.

    Ted Thomson, Austin Texas, Aquaplex

  • TayntonTaynton Posts: 45 Baller

    good riddance. those boats are crap, they don't ski well or surf well.

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