Any decent old bindings?

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A friends teenage son (13) is getting his first real ski - via @bananaron listing of the 2013 Strada. Great ski for $175 to get started. I had a pair of older Animals on the shelf (Large) that I was hoping would fit him as they were just taking up space here, but they were too small . This kid isn't big at all, 5'6, 130, just big feet - like 11.5-12. Other than SIA, as the mom is trying not to spend a ton on bindings, wondered if any ballers had any older Radar or Connelly, or other front lace bindings that you'd be interested in selling that are collecting dust. There's a pair of size 12 Strada boots on SIA but they need liners which would cost a bunch more than the boots. Anyway, thought I'd start with the gang here, knowing that we all have stuff on shelves that we've not thought about in years. Thanks in advance ...........


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    I've got some good used Radar boots, but they're 10's
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    @RichardDoane - thanks so much for offering, but 10's would be too small unfortunately. This kid has big feet for his size. Should learn to barefoot!
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    If you can't find good bindings that fit check Wiley's first (call) and also look on and look for some Radar Vectors (maybe leftovers). You can get new fronts for between $100-200 depending on what's lying around or on clearance then you need an RTP. The Vector bindings will have some room to grow and would be a great option; my boy loves them and he's running the course and starting to cut rope at max speed. The bindings are more important than the ski and need to fit and be comfortable. It's worth a little more money to make sure the bindings fit and give new skiers a good experience.
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    I have some connelly sidewinders in good shape that would fit. Not sure what they are worth. PM me if interested and maybe we can work something out.
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    I'm interested in buying your old L Animal bindings, if you're willing to sell. Are they the older style with the large handle on the rear part? Shooter
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    @jjackkrash - thanks much. Have already contacted Darren as yes they often have some older stock around . He’s a great resource. Thanks for the Vectors tip - helpful for kids still growing.

    @Brokenstack - thank you very much for the reply and offer . Hadn’t considered sidewinders. Will pm you if interested.
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    I have an Animal that would fit him. That was an old binding of mine, I am size 13 shoe. Problem is, the binding is in Florida and won't be down there until end of the month.
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    @JeffSwain - I’ll drop you some pics
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    @greg - thanks for the consideration!
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    Thanks to all. Found a couple of NOS Radar boots in XL deeply discounted so the mom ordered and s/be arriving soon. Hopefully another young teen who sticks with slalom skiing!
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    MDB1056 - I didn't see any pics of your old L Animal boots. I need them bad. Mine are very well used. Tried some new T Factors, had a bad experience (completely severed my achilles + broken ankle) on the first set, so now I have an irrational fear of change. Well, maybe a little rational. If still avail pls send info to [email protected] Thx
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    Sorry - been out of pocket. Will send today !
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    @JeffSwain Wileys could probably rebuild your old ones to like new for you.
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