Connelly V rear anchor points failing

holstein26holstein26 Posts: 1 New Baller
I have been skiing on my Connelly V for 6 years now and absolutely love it. I am not a small guy weighing between 220-230 depending on the time of year. About three years ago I encounter my first failed screw anchor (inset) so we drilled a new hole and reset the anchor with JB Weld Marine. Every year since then one of the two rear inserts will fail and we have to re-drill and re-mount the insert. Has anyone else had this same problem with the inserts coming out of the ski? It seems odd that the front boot has 6 screw inserts while the back only has 4.


  • MarkSAUMarkSAU Posts: 38 Baller
    Mine is about 3 years old and no issues with the screw anchor. I do need to regularly check the actual screws as they seem to work themselves loose, but not the anchors. 250lbs and ski a 69 Carbon V.
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  • HortonHorton Posts: 32,830 Administrator
    @holstein26 at the original anchor locations there is a plastic block that the insert screws into. If you have relocated the insert very far forward or backwards you're likely trying to anchor into the foam which is structurally not strong enough. I would suggest that you go back to the original location and then use a slightly larger diameter insert. The other question I have is did your original inserts unscrew themselves or did they completely strip out?

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