For Sale: 1996 Ski Nautique by Correct Craft

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This 1996 Ski Nautique by Correct Craft is a 19' three event waterski boat powered by an inboard PCM GT-40 Pro Boss with 310 HP and 735 hours on the clock.

Over the past year there has been extensive work done to perform all the deferred maintenance and refresh it after 25 years of use. It runs strong at all speeds and is a great pull through the ski course.

Factory Amenities:
-Powerful v8 engine
-5 speaker sound system with head unit
-Seating for 6
-3 blade prop
-Black and red color package
-Trailer and Cover included

Recent maintenance includes:
-Gas tank removed and all components cleaned.
-New low pressure fuel pump
-New high pressure fuel pump
-New fuel filter
-New hose connecting HP fuel pump to pickup line in F.C.C
-New throttle position sensor
-New MAP sensor
-New vacuum pump
-New front end water hoses
-New impeller
-New thermostat
-New Battery
-Changed oil and spark plugs
-Extracted carpet
-Cut, buffed, and polished all gel coat.
-Cleaned seats

There are some small nicks in the upholstery and the love seat has a structural and cosmetic repair done to the main seam that split.

The gel coat shines bright but does have minor dings and scratches.

Overall, this is a great example of a 1996 Ski Nautique. It is turn key and ready for years of enjoyment and great skiing.

$18,500 obo



  • GaryJanzigGaryJanzig Posts: 235 Baller
    I have a '94. Still going strong at 2200hours.
  • Bh0ppBh0pp Posts: 14 Baller
    @GaryJanzig just an incredible boat. You treat ‘em right and they’ll treat you better.
  • GaryJanzigGaryJanzig Posts: 235 Baller
    I put Perfect Pass in mine in 2008, Upgraded to version 9.2 and Zbox in 2017. Over the winter I replaced the entire steering system with the one used in 1998 and newer models, except for the rudder itself. Changed the helm, tilt, cable, clamp block assembly, and repacked the rudder port. I replaced the second speedometer with a GPS one. The original was faded. The pickups were about to fail too. Wanted something more accurate to pull barefooters. It is easier to drive manually while reading an analog face. If money allows I may upgrade to an ACME prop. Trying to improve the speed holding to make the pull feel like the newer boats. The newer props don't slip as much because they have better grip of the water.
  • Bh0ppBh0pp Posts: 14 Baller
    PRICE DROP: Dropping the price to $17,900. Shoot me an offer, would love to see someone enjoy it before the season is over.
  • rbuss4rbuss4 Posts: 36 New Baller
    Skied one of these tonight. Friends boat down the road. Didn’t like it at all. Actually 4 of us skied, none liked the wake crossing. Seemed “hard” compared to the Moomba we normally ski. What’s the secret on these? We expected a lot better, hoping the neighbor might be selling soon as she is getting up there in age, and her boat only has 300-ish hours on it. Not trying to hijack your sale, just thought you could provide guidance that might help sell your ‘96 at the same time
  • rockdogrockdog Posts: 738 Crazy Baller
    Sooo.. you’re trying to be helpful here @rbuss4 ? I’m confused. 🙄
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    @rbuss4 the wake crossing at what line/speed vs. what moomba? '96 SN throws great wakes at my lines/speeds, and built like a brick those things are solid. Conversely, the only Moomba I skied with wakes I liked was a tiny little Boomerang that was a cheap build and a tracking handful, but a hot rod.

    Good luck on the sale--should make a great boat at a nice price in today's wildly inflated market for newer boats.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
  • LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 1,020 Mega Baller
    Nice price? I think that price point is insane!
  • tjs1295tjs1295 Posts: 173 Baller
    It’s an absolute bargain compared to this 96. This one does have a new interior though.
  • ETskierETskier Posts: 223 Solid Baller
    Gary, try a 4 Blade. Made a heck of a difference on my old 94 in 02. Also softened the wake even more. Great slalom boat.
  • marknmarkn Posts: 550 Mega Baller
    @rbuss4 Have to completely disagree with your evaluation of wakes and skiability of a 1996 Ski Nautique. We owned a 1995 Signature for 10 years. I skied that boat from 22 off and ran my first 39 off behind that boat. If I showed up at the dock today and saw an old 1996 and it had ZO (know it would have to be repowered), I would ski it all day long and then go barefooting behind it. Heck, it has a better barefoot wake than my 196! These are great boats.
  • GaryJanzigGaryJanzig Posts: 235 Baller
    @ETskier I have a 13x13 RH OJ legend(factory) prop on mine. I have heard the 4 blade can flatten out the slalom wakes on some boats. How did it affect your top speed, and speed holding? Did it add any turbulence in the trick table at trick speeds(14-20 MPH)?
  • Bh0ppBh0pp Posts: 14 Baller
    @rbuss4 having grown up on a 1990 SN and skiing almost every style of SN and other brands from old to new over the years, I think the wakes are quite good for all three events. Yes you do need an experienced driver without having ZO, but didn't stop me from having a blast running into 28' off when I skied it.

    As for the price, it's a tough market. People want some ridiculous prices for their boats, and I can see where this one could be seen as listed a little high, but it is turn key with a ton of work done to make sure it can be enjoyed for many many more years. I also did a lot of market research and felt that my price point was a good starting point. Ultimately, Id like to see someone enjoy the boat instead of line my pockets. As mentioned above shoot me an offer, I'm willing to deal. And, happy to provide anymore information, pics, or vids.
  • ETskierETskier Posts: 223 Solid Baller
    @GaryJanzig . I don't remember exactly what I put on it. I think it was an acme 13 x 15.5. I never ran it wide open, but it had plenty of giddyup, great speed holding with Perfect Pass. I pulled a couple buddies barefooting well over 40. Downside is trick wake, was pretty small and soft. But, the table was very nice, no turbulence. My wife was tricking near 3000 on it.
    I recently sold an extra prop from my 06 196 to a guy with a 92 Supra Comp. (Supra were RH back then.) He had a 13 x13 3 blade.. I sold him an O.J. Legend 13 x 16 4 blade. He reported back he got a 400rpm decrease and 6mph increase at WOT, great hole shot, and way better wakes. I believe the 4 Blade Legend is now called Force. On The other side of the spectrum, I know of some OM jumpers who prefer 3 blade.
  • GaryJanzigGaryJanzig Posts: 235 Baller
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    @ETskier I have a 1994 Ski Nautique with the 351 Windsor PCM 240 HP with the 1:1 transmission. I am running a 13x13 RH OJ Legend. I am considering the Acme 540 13x12 RH 3 blade, or an OJ force 13x13 4 blade. I primarily pull slalom and tricks, but some barefoot. I have not decided which way to go. I currently top out at 43MPH and wide open throttle is between 4100-4400 RPM. I would have to check the engine manual, but if my memory serves me the maximum RPM at wide open throttle cannot exceed 4400 rpm.

  • ETskierETskier Posts: 223 Solid Baller

    @GaryJanzig I think mine was a 1.23 to 1. So now it's getting a little over my head or experience.

  • Bh0ppBh0pp Posts: 14 Baller

    PRICE DROP: Dropping to $16,250.

  • Bh0ppBh0pp Posts: 14 Baller


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