Old SG system for DBW boat with two smart timers

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Upgraded to Zbox. My old SG system worked great, but they weren't sure it was upgradable. I have the SG system plus two smart timers and a switch wire. I'd take $100 for it. I can look inside now that it is out of the boat and determine if it is upgradable (they sent me a picture that shows what I need to have).

I'm not sure if all DBW boats use the same system. My boat is a 2005 MC917 TT
Jim Ross


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    my freind wll take it off your hands call matt blk 206 390 7491

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    have you found a buyer yet?

    Does this include the multi line display in dash guage as well ?

    I have an older PP Classic with the single line display and I cound not upgrade to SG with out the newer Guage.

    Thanks Grant
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    Still available. Needs to be a drive by wire (DBW) boat for this system to work. What I am selling is the SG box, smart timers and switch wire. Buyer would still need to buy a multi-line display and the GPS puck and wiring.
    Jim Ross
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